Power and opposition trade acid retorts over the recess for Eurocampaign

“This is not a Parliament recess, but a coup, because PSD wants to stop a fundamental institution of the state,” claims PNL senator Cristian Bodea.

The idea of a 2-week Parliament recess decided because of the campaign for the European elections continues to spark disputes between members of the power and the opposition. PNL senator Cristian Bodea claims that the Eurocampaign recess is a coup, because PSD tries to “stop a fundamental institution of the state” and the speaker of the Senate, Calin Popescu Tariceanu should resign because “he allows Ponta’s dictatorship.” “In fact, it is not in order to involve themselves in the campaign that (PSD) wants to close the Senate for three weeks, but because they need to get rid of the opposition,” Bordea said yesterday in a press conference, quoted by Mediafax. According to the same source, the purpose of closing the Parliament for three weeks is that, during this interval, PSD is not “disturbed” and obtains a high score in the elections for the European Parliament, that would encourage Victor Ponta to run in the presidential elections of this fall.
On the other hand, liberal Marius Obreja, deputy speaker of the Senate, said he will ask his fellow PNL lawmakers to renounce their wages during the EP campaign recess, mentioning that the initiative of the majority aims at blocking the no-confidence motion announced by PNL. He added that the no-confidence motion will make the subject of a new discussion in the meetings of the PNL leadership at the end of this week. “As we enter Parliament recess, the activity of bureaus is suspended, normally. Yet, the decision is that (…) the Permanent Bureaus of the Senate will remain active every Monday.”
Wednesday evening, senators from all parliamentary groups traded accusations and invectives during the debating in plenum of the proposal that Senate goes on recess for the Eurocampaign. The acid retorts launched by power and opposition culminated with the verbal clash between UNPR senator Octavian Bumbu and the leader of liberal senators, Puiu Hasotti (photo). Upset by the liberal’s “pejorative appreciations” toward UNPR, Bumbu said that senator Hasotti “loses his temper” for some time. “During the interwar years, after a speech of I.C. Bratianu, Nicolae Iorga said that he has nothing to learn from an engineer. I.C. Bratianu answered: «Don’t lose your temper, professor». Apparently, for some time, senator Hasotti is losing his temper,” the UNPR senator mentioned.
The leader of the group of liberal senators answered him with an anecdote about a nightingale and a crow that contended over which bird sings better, the jury being a wild boar: “The nightingale sang and the crow croaked. The boar said: <<You sang better, sir crow>>. The birds had agreed that the winner of the contest would pluck an eye to the loser, so the crow rushed and mutilated the nightingale. But the nightingale answered: <<I am not sorry for losing an eye to you. I am sorry for being judged by a boar.” In his turn, the senator affiliated with PNL, Tudor Barbu voiced his disappointment for great names like that of I.C. Bratianu being invoked by “small minds and mouths”.
PDL Senator Marius Pascan announced in plenum that the democrat-liberal lawmakers will vote against the recess proposed by the leaders of the Senate. The opinion was shared by PC senator PC Cristiana Anghel, who does not want the Senate to stop making laws for one month. “My work in this Senate seems like that of Sisyphus, not in terms of weight, but of uselessness. We push a boulder up this mountain and it rolls back and we start all over again every day. Dozens, hundreds of questions, interpellations that are not answered orally or in writing,” the PC senator said.

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