Premier Ponta: New nominations for Culture and Budget Ministers at the end of August


Prime Minister Victor Ponta said on Tuesday that he will put forward fresh proposals for Culture and Budget Minister, respectively, at the end of August.

‘There is currently no free position in the Government. We’ll make the nominations at the end of August. I’ll also discuss with the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania – UDMR to see if they make a new proposition for Culture. In our turn we too will make a new nomination for the Budget by the end of August and this time, fortunately, Mr. Basescu cannot reject the nominees. I’m thinking to make him a pleasant surprise,’ said the Prime Minister, who is visiting Constanta County.

President Traian Basescu on August 8 turned down Prime Minister Victor Ponta’s nominations for Culture and Budget, specifically Biro Rozalia (backed by UDMR) and Claudiu Manda (PSD) on grounds that they are inappropriate to fill the said positions