Preparations for parliamentary election on the last leg

The democrat liberals intend to finalise their list of ARD candidates and also submit it by October 15. The social democrats, however, express worries that Traian Basescu may try to influence the vote in PDL’s favour.

The leaders of political parties have shot the gun for starting the race of preparations ahead of the parliamentary election of December 9. PDL President Vasile Blaga said on ‘Gandul Live’, Wednesday night, that he hoped to be able to complete all action regarding the candidacies of the Fair Romania Alliance (ARD) in the parliamentary election, including their submission by October 15, the deadline being October 30.  Asked if MP Stefan Pirpiliu who had left PDL to join the Civic Force should be among the candidates supported by ARD, Blaga’s answer was negative. ‘No, because, according to my definition also shared by the PDL leaders, a migrant is a migrant, someone who leaves his political family, his party when in difficulty. I cannot see the value added by these people who move between the various parties in an alliance before an electoral battle,’ Mediafax quotes the democrat liberal leader as saying.On the other hand, Blaga said he would like to have in his party former ministers in the Ponta Cabinet Ioan Rus (PSD) and Victor Paul Dobre (PNL), but noted that he had not made an offer to either. ‘My right hand in the ministry was Mr. Dobre and (…) we have been through some difficult times. I would like to have them in PDL, but they won’t come. I have not made an offer to them,’ Blaga said.In what regards his own candidacy, Vasile Blaga said he was not very clear about where he was going to stand for election. ‘I may run in Bucharest, but I also have proposals from Timis and Bihor, my home, but we will decide together where I will run’, he said. Asked why the democrat liberals wanted to have the PDL logo registered with the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) as long as the party was part of an alliance, Blaga said one of the reasons was connected with the wish that candidate criteria apply to all the parties making up ARD. Asked if he started from the assumption that one of the partners might quit the alliance, Blaga’s answer was: ‘It’s advisable to always think of the worst, but I am convinced such thing will not happen.’ On a distinct note, Vasile Blaga said PDL’s debt was roughly RON 1,200,000 – 1,300,000.

Ioana Basescu’s candidacy in parliamentary election, ‘press speculation’, Boc says

On the other hand, the leaders of PDL Cluj reject mass-media reports indicating that President Traian Basescu’s eldest daughter, Ioana Basescu, will stand for election as MP in a single member constituency in Cluj County. ‘The PDL Cluj decision-making body has not and is not discussing Ms. Ioana Basescu’s candidacy. The list of PDL Cluj candidates in the December parliamentary election is almost final and will enter the procedure of individual evaluation,’ reads a press release. Ex-PM Emil Boc, currently Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, has also denied the information, stating in a Facebook post that it had all been ‘pres speculation’. He noted that Ioana Basescu is a notary and is not member of PDL. ‘Ioana Basescu will not run in the parliamentary election in Cluj. She has never indicated any such intention,’ Boc also said. PDL Cluj sources are quoted by Mediafax as saying that the known candidates so far for the Chamber of Deputies are current MPs Daniel Buda, Petru Calian and Adrian Gurzau, but also the Prime Vice President of PDL Cluj, Alexandru Coroian, and Adrian Papahagi and only ex-Prefect Florin Stamatian for the Senate. PDL Cluj is due to have a meeting today to analyse the candidates for the parliamentary election. The Cluj County is divided into 10 electoral districts for the Chamber of Deputies and four for the Senate.  


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