President Basescu approaches Nabucco issue during Turkmenistan visit


The president said that Romania perfectly understands Turkmenistan’s need for certainty over the gas amounts that can be supplied to the EU market.

At a meeting Thursday with Turkmen counterpart Gurbanguli Berdamuhamedov, President Traian Basescu approached the Nabucco issue, and, after the meeting he said that Romania “perfectly understands” Turkmenistan’s need for certainty over the amounts of natural gas to be delivered to the European market. “I have reiterated the special significance Romania gives to the development of the southern corridor, and, in this respect, we consider that the Nabucco is in perfect harmony with long term energy strategy goals.  In this context, I praise, once again, Turkmenistan’s availability to commit itself as a natural gas supplier to the European market. At the same time, we perfectly understand Turkmenistan’s need for certainty over the quantities that can be supplied to the EU market,” Basescu said, while on a two-day official visit, Thursday and Friday to Asgabat.  The Romanian president hailed Turkmenistan’s participation in later years in the dialogue with the EU on energy security and diversified supply of energy resources to the European his turn, president Berdamuhamedov said that his country is set to provide “stability and a safe traffic of petrol and gases” and that Romania supports Turkmenistan’s initiatives on the international dialogue concerning the European energy market. During the meeting, Basescu also discussed about Turkmenistan entry visas being facilitated to Romanian business people, as Romanian companies could open branches in this Central Asian country. The talks also regarded the likelihood for a Romanian language lectorship being opened in Turkmenistan, at one of the two universities in Asgabat.On day two of his visit to Turkmenistan, President Basescu laid a wreath at the mausoleum of late Turkmen Niyazov, planted a pine tree near the Constitution Monument in the Turkmen capital Asgabat, where he also laid a wreath .Also on Friday, Basescu visited the Ruhabat racetrack near the capital Asgabat, where he attended a demonstration involving the Ahal Teke horse breed, the national symbol of the independent Turkmenistan.