President Basescu considers notifying the Constitutional Court over new Ponta Gov’t

After the clear-cut remarks he made live on ProTV Sunday morning, in the evening, President Traian Basescu continued to harshly criticize Prime Minister Victor Ponta and the USL leaders’ decision to break the Union apart barely two years after it was established.

“The strongest component of the separation is stupidity. These are two immature politicians (reference to Ponta and Crin Antonescu) who have turned their personal disputes into a life and death matter,” Basescu stated, as cited by Mediafax. In his opinion, the PM should have honored PNL’s request to appoint Klaus Johannis Deputy Prime Minister, particularly since the Liberals had given the Minister of Justice position up as a concession. “They simply decapitated their ministries, Sova grabbed the highways, and they mocked them. (…) (Ponta) said he didn’t want to go before the Parliament and now he is doing just that in order to bring a very important change. It was one of his typical lies. He lied until the very end,” the President added, pointing out he “will no longer make prognoses because it seems he was incapable of foretelling the break-up of USL.” The head of state stressed the Union’s break-up resulted in the failure of “the Constitution draft, regionalization draft, and the new Health Law.”



Over 50 pc alliance backing Ponta as PM is broken; it is constitutionality matter



The President believes that a constitutionality matter rises from the breakup of the alliance which obtained over 50 percent in the parliamentary elections and backed Ponta to be designated Prime Minister in December 2012, without calling then other parties to the Cotroceni Palace for consultations concerning the designation of the Head of Government.

‘The problem of a new government in the configuration announced by the Prime Minister is that the [alliance of the] Social Liberal Union [USL] was mentioned over the entire governance programme approved by Parliament and now one of the USL parties pulled out of rule and the Government is USD [the Social-Democratic Union, electoral alliance for the elections to the European Parliament] plus the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania [UDMR] and not USD plus the National Liberal Party [PNL, which pulled out of ruling],’ Basescu said. According to him, the Government’s situation is different from other cases in the past because the political structure that won 50 percent of the votes in the elections ‘is broken.’ He underlined that the governance programme assumed after the parliamentary elections mentions the USL objectives in the period 2013-16. Basescu underscored he did not want to ‘lay down conditions’ to UDMR, which wanted to join the ruling coalition, but he just wanted to make sure no unconstitutional government was in power under his mandate.

Although his goal is not to sneer, Basescu said he is concerned with the possibility that an unconstitutional government could run the country. If necessary, he added, he will notify the Constitutional Court.


Ponta’s secret protocol with UDMR?


Basescu seemed unsettled by the negotiations between the Prime Minister and UDMR on forming a new parliamentary majority and recruiting the Hungarians for the government alliance. “I am worried about Victor Ponta’s habit of concluding secret protocols. In 2012, he had a secret protocol with UDMR by which it was decided UDMR would become part of the governance; I was made aware of it after the elections. (…) There was a secret protocol I only learned about recently, which promised the chairman of the Senate position to PC instead of the Liberals,” the President said. He mentioned he knows about UDMR’s claims regarding the usage of Hungarian in the healthcare department or the introduction of signs completely unrelated to the Romanian state, and he deemed these claims unacceptable. Basescu’s message to UDMR was, “Romanian laws are likewise mandatory for minorities.”

When asked if he would appoint Ponta Prime Minister in the future government structure, Basescu replied by characterizing him a “corrupt and lying plagiarist.” “Criminal proceedings should be filed against such a Prime Minister and he should be held accountable before the law for his abusive method of governance, although I have my reservations as to when would be the most appropriate time, since it would be a precedent for the European Union. (…) I’m thinking it would be best toward the end of my term,” Basescu pointed out.

Maior praised, Nitu criticized


Traian Basescu had nothing but good things to say about George Maior, head of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), whom he perceives as “an enlightened member of PSD” and one of the people who could aspire to any position in the Romanian state.

“The only aspect he should be careful about is how sudden he makes the transition back into politics,” the President said, noting that Maior is “an exceptional diplomat and a man with remarkable will to work, who is very familiar with Romanian the state and its inner mechanisms thanks to his position.” Referring to a partnership between Maior as PM and Emil Boc as President after the 2016 elections, Basescu said “it would give nightmares to various individuals, including Felix (editor’s note – Dan Voiculescu), the informant from Antena 3.”

Basescu claims he has no qualms about Tiberiu Nita, the General Prosecutor, although he announced he will not stand by as the latter “mischievously” appoints prosecutors based on political reasons. He believes the general prosecutor implemented those changes under “political pressure.” The President also expressed disappointment with Nitu and Minister of Justice Robert Cazanciuc’s failure to keep their promise about amending the Criminal Procedure Code. “This is like holy water to me. It was undertaken by the Prime Minister, it is revolutionary,” Basescu added.

Monica Macovei, former Minister of Justice, did not escape the head of state’s criticism. Basescu stated he would never forget that people who were close to him and whose candidacy for ministerial positions he supported are now criticizing him on television on the issue of appointing prosecutors.


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