President Basescu promulgates farmland law

President Traian Basescu on Wednesday promulgated the Farmland Law, regulating the sale and purchase of unincorporated farmland, the privatisation of commercial companies managing farmland that are public or private state property and the setting up of the State Domains Agency. According to the new law, the EU citizens have the right to purchase farmland in Romania, facing no restrictions.

The law had been submitted for approval to Parliament, on which occasion, as Agriculture Minister Daniel Constantin stated, the sale process of unincorporated farmland underwent streamlining. “The citizen who wants to sell a plot of land has to present himself/herself to the city hall, submit the offer for the sale, and afterwards wait at home, the city hall will send by mail the assent or inform the seller if there are any other problems. As far as the seller is concerned, the process is even simpler because no tax has to be paid, all responsibilities lie on the city hall,” said Daniel Constantin.

In the review request, Basescu called for the law to specify clearly that the EU citizens and companies have the right to buy unincorporated farmland in the same conditions as the Romanians enjoy this right in the EU member states.


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