President Basescu rejects law on sale of unincorporated farmland

President Traian Basescu on Tuesday signed a request by which he asks the Parliament to review the law on certain measures regulating the sale and purchase of unincorporated farmland by individuals and setting up the Land Market Management and Regulatory Authority, the Presidential Administration announced, quoted by Agerpres.
According to the document, Basescu considers that Art. No. 2, according to which the provisions of the law are applied both to individuals – Romanian citizens, citizens of a EU member state or of states parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA) respectively and to ‘companies having the nationality of a EU member state’, has to be reconsidered.
‘This regulation is not clear because it has to be clearly specified if the law is enforced also when it comes to companies with Romanian nationality or only to companies with the nationality of a EU member state, other than Romania. This specification is useful because a normative act has to be predictable and foreseeable,’ Basescu says, according to a release sent to Agerpres on Tuesday.
Another article that should be improved in the opinion of the head of state is that regulating the preemption right regarding the alienation by way of sale of unincorporated farmland.
According to Art No. 4, the preemption right can also be exercised by individuals up to 40 years carrying out agricultural activities across the territory of their locality and the State, for the same price and under equal conditions, in the order established by the law.
The draft law was debated and approved by Parliament early last December.
Also on Tuesday President Traian Basescu signed the re-examination request of the law for the approval of GEO No 57/2013 on the amendment and completion of the Law No 220/2008 for the establishment of the endorsement system for the energy production from renewable sources, the Presidential Administration informs.
Traian Basescu argues in the re-examination request sent to Parliament that the approval of this act without previously notifying the European Commission on the state-aid scheme amendment ‘is inopportune and exposes Romania to some preliminary notifications for breaching the constitutive treaties of the European Union.’
The President mentions that on June 4, 2013, the European Commission sent a letter to the Permanent Representation to the EU, pointing out that no previous notification had been sent, in the sense of the provisions of the Treaty concerning the amendment of the state-aid scheme and that on October 3, 2013, the Commission came back with another letter underlining the need to send the previous notification, an obligation yet unfulfilled by Romania’s Government.

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