President Basescu: Strategic partnership with US is irreplaceable

IAEA to check security level of Romania’s nuclear plants in 2016. Romania has fulfilled all its
commitments taken at the Seoul Summit.

President Traian Basescu stated in The Hague that the strategic partnership with the United States is irreplaceable and maintained that by ‘smiling politically towards the East and Asia’ we are creating ‘confusion through attitude’.
‘My traditional approach is unchanged. The events confirm my worries at the beginning of my mandate and that the partnership with the US is irreplaceable for national security, and those who try to scatter in different directions, smiling politically to the East and Asia… Sure, we can do business with everybody but our security is reliant on the strategic partnership with the US or, if you prefer, belonging to NATO and within NATO, on the strategic partnership for the 21st century with the US that not only envelops military security but also aspects of Romanian economic development. Only now we’re jumbling, we want China, we want the US, we’re creating confusion through attitude’, said the President at the Nuclear Security Summit in The Hague.
He stated that he doubts that the US cannot develop an IT or telephony program in Romania. Why we would put ourselves in vulnerability is hard for me to understand,’ added Basescu, adding that he hope that his voice and his consistency will dominate opinions regarding Romania, even if other options appeared. he was hinting at the memorandum concluded by the government with a Chinese IT company in the security field.
In another development President Traian Basescu announced, yesterday, that Romania will receive a follow-up mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in 2016, to check the country’s progress in terms of increase of the security level. ‘Romania undergoes a continuous process of consolidation of the [nuclear] plants’ security, and it is extremely important to fight against any attempt of using its territory for the transit of nuclear products or elements,’ Basescu said, quoted by Agerpres, in a press statement at the Nuclear Security Summit opened in The Hague on Monday.

He stressed that Romania has fulfilled all its commitments taken at the Seoul Summit, by means of two inspections carried out on the security of the country’s nuclear plants. He showed that Romania was the third country to return the nuclear waste to Russia, as early as 2009, and pointed out that talks at the Summit in The Hague referred to many countries that have not yet returned this highly radioactive waste, and were asked to send them back to their origin country.
Basescu also mentioned that Romania is one of the 32 states with complete nuclear cycles, and that Romania’s system does not use enriched uranium. The head of state added that the Summit in The Hague is not an attempt to bring out new topics, and only aims at consolidating the existing ones. ‘All of us agreed that in terms of national security there is nothing to innovate; we only have to consolidate the necessary,’ the president concluded.
Without security, the
Uranium burned in the Cernavoda reactors could serve to making bombs
Basescu claims that if Romania did not have security, the uranium burned in the reactors of the Cernavoda NPP could be acquired by terrorists and could serve to making atomic bombs. The president added that people do not realise the risks and this is why a state like Germany wants to reduce its nuclear production, because of the high risks for maintaining nuclear security. “Like in aviation, any accident in the nuclear zone generates adaptations of security installations and systems, in order to prevent smaller or bigger incidents, all the way to disasters,” Basescu warned. With this regard, Romania is continuously consolidating the security at its nuclear facilities, he assured, adding that the major risk in this respect was also discussed during the Summit.
joint statement

Elimination of HEU from within their borders
Romania and eleven other countries have agreed upon a joint statement marking the elimination of highly enriched uranium (HEU) from within their borders.
‘Gathered in The Hague on the occasion of the third Nuclear Security Summit, leaders of Chile, Czech Republic, Denmark, Georgia, Hungary, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, and Vietnam, wish to highlight the elimination of highly enriched uranium (HEU) from within our borders,’ said the joint statement of the twelve nations.

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