President Basescu: This year’s top priority is for justice to win battle with political meddling


The head of the state also says that he wants to hand over his mandate to a successor who should continue the process of the state’s modernization.

President Traian Basescu’s wish for 2014 is for justice to win the battle with political meddling, then he also wants a Government ‘’that is honest with Romanians and no longer lies to them.’’ ‘’I must tell you that what I wish the most is for justice to win the battle with politics because last year, in 2012 and 2013, the politicians thought they could place justice under control. This is a top priority – for me anyway – in 2014. (…) I would very much wish European funds to be taken up fast and in all correctness. I would also very much want not just a few politicians, but all Romanians to consider our future relationship with the Republic of Moldova. I believe that 2014 should be the year when we should openly and honestly state that Moldova is Romanian land and that this country did not emerge following the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, but has a history, a culture, a language that are all connected to Romania and the Romanian people,’’ the President said, quoted by Agerpres, Tuesday night in the mountain resort of Predeal, where he celebrated New Year’s Eve together with family. Basescu also wants Romanians to have more self-confidence this year, mention that the people of this country have a history they can be proud of. “I would also wish Romanians to understand that prosperity does not come overnight, I would like Romanians to be proud that they were probably the fastest to emerge from the 2009-2010 crisis – just take a look at other countries still struggling to return to international markets,’’ he said.
The head of the state also says that he wants to hand over his mandate to a successor who should continue the process of the state’s modernization, “a revised and modernized Constitution capable of meeting the requirements of today and of the next 10 years”. “I would like the Government to embark, encouraged by the future President, on an administrative reorganization that benefits the Romanians (…), and I would very much want Romania to settle in its own right in the position it can claim as the 6th or 7th largest country in Europe, for Romania to also be the 6th or 7th country in terms of economic power and performance,’’ the President said.
On the other hand, Traian Basescu thanked Romanians, on occasion of the New Year, for the manner in which they knew to remain ‘a community,’ in spite of the economic or social difficulties in 2013. ‘This proves that our identity rises above the transitory disputes. I have the confidence that, on this powerful identity of Romanians, we shall be able to continue to build a country project in which the modernisation and the economic growth should be priorities grounding our political actions,’ Basescu tells Romanians, according to a Presidential Administration press release. At the same time, he wished Romanians good health, happiness and fruition, not forgetting the Romanians working in the Diaspora or those across the Prut River: ‘I want to congratulate the citizens of the Republic of Moldova for the important step they took on the course of European integration. Both Romania and the Republic of Moldova belong to the European space through the language, culture and history that unite us, but also through the values and aspirations that we share. I hope we will welcome the New Year motivated by the objectives we have set and by the consolidation of the status of our country inside the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance’.
PM Ponta seeking self-improvement this year, wishing everybody peaceful and better life
Premier Victor Ponta’s wish for the budding New Year is for him to considerably improve, while ‘’continuing the successful actions and learning from good advice or from his own mistakes’’; the Premier adds that he will channel all his energy towards dialogue and construction. Ponta posted on Wednesday on his Facebook page the message ‘’Happy New Year 2014!’’ and a picture of himself with his family. ‘’From one of the places our nation has sprung from – ‘Sarmizegetusa Regia’ – I wish a ‘Happy New Year!’ to all those who have followed this Facebook account in 2013 (friends, colleagues, critics, Internet users or just curious onlookers). I thank you for the praise and encouragement, I tried to understand and adjust to criticism and wiped out insults; I understand that I equally have a duty towards all people who live today in Romania! (…) As for the project ‘Romania 100’ (that definitely includes the reconstruction and preservation of the ‘Sarmizegetusa’ site) we prepare for a better and more dignified, more united and more tolerant country! Happy New Year!’’, Ponta said.
We will honour all our commitments, Antonescu says
In a message posted on his Facebook page, PNL leader Crin Antonescu said 2013 was a difficult year, but the Romanians should take a more optimistic view. “I want to convey to all the Romanians my best wishes, I wish them good health, happiness and the hope that the upcoming year will be better and more flourishing. 2013 was a difficult year, but we have to be optimistic and trust our strength as a people, only by being united we have the chance for a better future. Following a rough period for Romania, we managed in 2013 to repair some of the injustices suffered by the Romanians and give them hope for a better life!” Antonescu said. He also pointed out that the commitments they have pledged to will be fulfilled. “We shall move forward in the year to come on the same path and honour the commitments we have pledged to in front of the Romanians who placed their trust in us in 2012. The upcoming year is full of challenges and landmark moments,” the PNL leader said.