President Basescu vows not to promulgate the social security law


The head of state will call the government for consultations

President Traian Basescu has expressed doubts about the cut in social security payments (CAS) and he is going to call on the government for consultations.

Commenting on the CAS issue, Traian Basescu said he has important question marks in the issue, with arguments pointing to the deficit of RON 12.5 bn this year. The CAS cut would mean a further deficit of RON 5.5 bn, meaning no less than RON 18 bn.

It seems the president has entered another electoral campaign, as he continuously lashed at PM Victor Ponta on economic issues. He pointed to the work places and to the EU funds accession during the latest two years and to fighting grey economy, as he seemed to forget that he is the President during the last ten years, during which time he has had the opportunity to stimulate former PM Emil Boc or Mihai Razvan Ungureanu in this regard. He also lashed at former liberal PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu. President Basescu warned against the skidding of the agreement with the IMF.

President Basescu warned a huge pensions’ budget deficit would be registered.

On the other hand he said, during a meeting with the pres at Cotroceni Palace Wednesday evening, he would call on the Ombudsman to submit contestation to the Constitutional Court (CCR) regarding the Education Law, pleading for the fact that no less than 97 amendments have been already made on the law.

The head of state approached also the promulgation of the law of R. of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia for associating with the EU – which he did Wednesday.

“It stands proof that none can stop the evolution of a nation, whatever the political targets may be”, Basescu said referring to the Russian interests. He also expressed hope the Ukrainian army would impose the Ukrainian people’s will against Russian separatists.

President Basescu said he has a great satisfaction for R. of Moldova’s association agreement with the EU, but there is no guarantee it will join the Union.

Referring to the education law, Basescu said school classes start in September and the judicial system is going to have vacation, so that a decision should be made in this regard. Basescu lashed at PM Victor Ponta, saying he is not interested, as being one of those accused of plagiarism. He pointed to the Ph.D. degree that might be acquired without school frequency.