President Iohannis: Fulbright Programme – an example of excellent collaboration between Romanian and US universities


The Fulbright Programme has always been an example of excellent academic collaboration between the Romanian and US universities and helped develop the transatlantic ties in education and research areas, President Klaus Iohannis stated, according to a message conveyed on Thursday on the occasion of celebrating 25 years of functioning of the Romanian-US Fulbright Commission.

“Even if the programme had been active in Romania for nearly 60 years, the setting up of the Fulbright Commission in 1993 marked a new and intense chapter of our collaboration. Since then, Fulbright has become a well-known name for students, teachers and ambitious researchers, helping the development of transatlantic ties in an area that I consider to be a priority: education and research. Hundreds of programme beneficiaries gained useful communication skills both in their private and professional lives. This type of skills are increasingly important, giving that the interconnectivity represents an essential aspect of cooperation in the contemporary research,” reads the President’s message, delivered by State Counselor Ligia Deca at the conference making this event.

The head of state mentioned that more and more articles, research projects or initiatives are carried out by international teams and many key-elements in training the human resource in research is based on the development of networks, but beyond the actual cooperation, it’s important for the researchers communities to share the same values and principles.

“This thing especially refers to the values associated to research, common values to our societies, such as ethics, integrity and meritocracy. Fulbright exchanges have contributed to assuming the same values and principles on the two coasts of the Atlantic and helped the Romanian researchers to rejoin the practice communities of the Western world. From hermeneutics to research methods and drafting styles, the Romanian researchers working in the United States have the opportunity to develop and learn, but also to share experiences with their US counterparts,” Klaus Iohannis added, according to the quoted source.

The head of state thanked the Fulbright Commission for its activity over the past 25 years and for “the devotion and support granted to its beneficiaries,” voicing also the wish that the commission continue its activity as a liaison point of the Romanian-US cooperation in culture, education and research areas, and “as an active partner in our effort to build an educated Romania.”