President Iohannis on informal visit in Parang Resort

President Klaus Iohannis and his wife, Carmen Iohannis traveled on Sunday to the southwestern Parang Resort, in Jiului Valley, the two taking a crest route to the Parangul Mare peak (2,519 m), then rested at a chalet in the area.

The President’s sojourn was considered a normal, informal visit by the mountain rescuers in the area, Klaus Iohannis being known as a mountain lover.

“It was a normal, informal visit. The President socialised with people in the area and chose a crest trail on Parangul Mare,” stated for AGERPRES, the head of the Hunedoara Public County Mountain Rescue Service, Ovidiu Bodean.

It is the second time the President has visited the Parang Resort, in October last year, the presidential couple climbing on Parangul Mic Peak (2,074 m), and then halted at a mountain hut in that area.

Parangul Mare Peak is the fourth highest in Romania and the highest in the Parang Massif.

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