President to foreign ambassadors: “Accession Treaty does not condition CVM in Schengen perspective”



President Traian Basescu told on Wednesday, at the annual meeting with the ambassadors accredited in Bucharest, that Romania’s EU Accession Treaty does not include conditions related to the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) in the perspective of joining the Schengen Area. ‘Romania has accepted these conditions over time, but it is time to see an end to it, because just like the liberalization of the labour market at EU level, the access to the Schengen Area is a strong element of Romania’s integration into the EU,’ Basescu said, quoted by Agerpres. He stressed that Romania is worried about the way the preparations for the waiver of restrictions on the national labour markets from January 1 has been considered so far, and he underlined that some state devised ‘protection measures’ aiming to differentiate European citizens. ‘Such measures reflect a return to nationalism as a discrimination factor, which can be worrisome for a community like the EU’, Basescu added.
On the other hand, the President said that Romania will have to show the world, 25 years since the 1989 Revolution, a consolidated position as regards the irreversibility of its foreign and security policy directions. ‘Romania maintains its foreign and security policy positions, observing the triple elements guaranteeing it stability, democracy and a low risk level for the citizens of Romania. We maintain our direction towards the consolidation of the Strategic Partnership with the United States, of NATO role and impact in the region and the consolidated continued deepened integration into the EU’, he stressed.
Basescu also spoke about Moldova’s European path, saying that Romania cannot remain politically impassible if there were provocations aimed at placing Moldova at the risk of interrupting its European path: ‘We all speak about sovereignty and independence, we know that the buttons in Transdniester and Gagauz region are not in Chisinau and we do not want or cannot find yet the means to prevent Moldova from going back’.

At the same time, he said that concrete steps are necessary this year to move forward the project of the transport line between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. ‘Romania has an important advantage within this project, which is exactly what drove us to propose the largest port at the Black Sea, Constanta, and the possibility of a quick linking to one of the largest internal navigation routes of Europe to the Danube, which are vital elements for developing the transport route between the Caspian and the Black Sea. In 2014, concrete steps must be made next to our partners in Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan towards the advancing of this project,’ the head of state concluded.
The President said that Romania supports the expansion of the European Union in the Western Balkans, pointing out that our country will continue to follow throughout the accession process the implementation by Serbia of the commitments undertaken in regard to the observance of national minorities’ rights. He also mentioned that Romania supports the advancement of Albania’s European perspective and expressed hope that this country will obtain the candidate status at the Council meeting in June.
On the other hand, the head of the state said that it will take several more years for Romania to join the Euro zone, but on the other hand, he stressed that the accession to the European Banking Union will become a reality in a short time.
Fast Visa Waiver accession – a key goal in communication with U.S.
Traian Basescu has said that ‘as fast as possible’ accession to Visa Waiver programme remains a key goal in Romania’s ‘interaction’ with the United States: ‘For the first time in the last years, there is an optimistic timeframe for lifting the compulsory visa rules for the Romanian citizens in the near future’. He also spoke of the fact Romania without reserves backs the negotiations for the transatlantic partnership for trade and investments between the United States and the European Union. According to him, Romania wants more U.S. investments, but our country has to maintain its strong commitment to reinforcing the rule of law, the judiciary’s independence and fighting corruption.
Pragmatic approach to prevail in EU-related decisions of authorities in Kiev
‘I hope that the pragmatic approach linked to the medium- and long-term interests of this country’s citizens will prevail in the decisions that will be taken by the authorities in Kiev. Predictability, solidity of observing the principles at the basis of functioning of a democratic society are the ingredients of Ukraine’s success,’ said the President. He underscored that Ukraine is a state with economic and geo-strategic importance for the EU.