Press: First Romanian immigrant to UK in 2014, fired

The first Romanian immigrant who went to the UK after lifting the restrictions on the labour market was fired from the carwash he found a job at, and blames the situation to the excessive media frenzy around his case, reports Mediafax, quoting The Times newspaper. Romanian Victor Spirescu, aged 30, reached the UK on January 1, met on Luton Airport by journalists and Labour Party MP Keith Vaz, Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee in the House of Commons. His case was brought into limelight in the context of the disputes in the UK on Romanians and Bulgarians who could arrive after the restrictions on labour market were lifted. The Romanian had started working on January 2 at a carwash in Biggleswade (Bedfordshire), but was fired. According to The Times newspaper, his employer was dissatisfied with the fact that he used to talk on the phone frequently during work.

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    Well done Del boy!!Time to sign on the dole now!!

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