Primary energy resources dropped by 9.2 pc in 2013

Primary energy resources dropped last year by 9.2 percent compared to 2012 to 30.95 million tonnes of oil equivalent (TOE), whereas electricity resources dropped by 3.2 percent to 58.94 billion KWh, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INS). The main primary energy resources totaled 30.95 million tonnes of oil equivalent last year, drown by 3.13 million TOE compared to 2012.
Domestic production amounted to 21.34 million TOE, 6.2 percent less than in the previous year, while imports amounted to 9.61 million TOE, down by 15.3 percent, an INS press release shows. Electricity resources reached 58.94 billion KWh, 1.97 billion KWh (3.2 percent) less than in 2012, due to a 1.02 billion KWh (1.7 percent) drop in production. Electrical wind power stations produced 4.69 billion KWh last year, up by 2.05 billion KWh.
The final electricity consumption amounted to 49.78 billion KWh, 6 percent less than in the previous year. Public illumination reported a 12.6 percent drop and general consumption dropped by 1.3 percent.
Electricity exports amounted to 2.46 billion KWh, up by 1.31 billion KWh or 114.7 percent. Domestic technological consumption of networks and stations reached 6.68 billion KWh, down by 87.2 million KWh or 1.3 percent.

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