Prince Charles interested in ADEPT Foundation’s rural development projects and conservation of biodiversity


Prince Charles took an interest on Monday, during his visit to the ADEPT Foundation of Saschiz, regarding the stage of rural development projects and those related to the conservation of biodiversity, which this non-governmental organisation, that benefited from British support is carrying out, according to Food & Farming Communities Manager Ben Mehedin.

“Today we welcomed Prince Charles to the headquarters of the ADEPT Foundation, where we have talked about our future projects and plans. We thanked him for his support. I have thanked him for telling, more than 10 years ago, founder of the International Slow Food Movement Carlo Petrini about us, but I never got to thank him for that and I told him that we must continue our rural development project and biodiversity conservation. I told him about our project of conserving biodiversity with a cow farm and some hayfields in the Sighisoara area. It was a warm, friendly ambiance, in which everyone felt comfortable and had something to say. He is very careful with everyone. He spent 20 minutes before leaving to tour another project. He knows the area very well and he mentioned Dr John Akeroyd, Key advisor [of the ADEPT Foundation], a biologist who works for us, whom he walked and talked with about the floral wealth of Transylvania,” Ben Mehedin told Agerpres.

The ADEPT Foundation of Saschiz was awarded the European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN) Award 2017, Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism, for the project called “Transylvania Mountain Bike Trail to revitalise the Tarnava Mare cultural landscape, Romania,” an award which was bestowed during the 10th international conference for cultural tourism on theme “Cultural Values, Diversity and Heritage: Pillars of Sustainable Tourism for Development.”

Mehedin showed that, with the material support of the Camelia Botnar Foundation of the UK, the ADEPT Transylvania Foundation specialized in the conservation of biodiversity and small farmers communities, he also coordinated the project called the Revival of the old crafts – Saschiz Pottery Workshop.

Two years after the opening of the Saschiz Pottery Workshop, where the pottery craft was revived in a technique specific to this area, called sgraffito, which was abandoned in the mid-1700s, the blue ceramics of Saschiz began to be very successful among tourists, especially for the amazing story that accompanies it.

Another project of the ADEPT Foundation of Saschiz is promoting Bazna (breed of domestic pig native to Romania) bacon and pork lard at international level, including at the Salone del Gusto in Turin, a large international organized by the Slow Food Movement, as part of an ESSEDRA project for the sustainable development of rural areas.