Pro-autonomy speeches at UDMR’s EP candidates launch

Current Eurodeputies Iuliu Winkler and Sogor Csaba are at the top of UDMR’s list. The Union’s
campaign slogans are “Transylvania in Europe” and “Hungarians’ interests in Brussels.”

Tyrol-South and Catalonia should be “integrated in Transylvania,” UDMR chairman Kelemen Hunor stated Saturday at the launch of the party’s candidates for the European Parliamentary elections, while urging Hungarians to vote because otherwise Hungarian MEPs will be replaced by Romanians. “Our common goal is to send as many European Parliament representatives; our interests can only be represented by Hungarians. UDMR relies on the Hungarian community, and its members must help us. (…) Our future is at stake,” Kelemen Hunor said, pointing out that for the last 25 years, the Union, “which has drawn its strength from the belief that it can achieve the impossible and fulfill citizens’ wishes,” has managed to take important steps towards reaching the Hungarian community’s objectives. UDMR believes in a multilingual Europe, he went on. “A thousand years ago, we, Hungarians, decided we would be part of Europe. Even though we feel disappointment with the EU, this is not a real disappointment. We, Hungarians, also need a strong Europe. We believe in Europe, we have common principles that bind us together. (…) We must protect our interests and bring Catalonia and Tyrol-South to Transylvania,” Kelemen said.
The chairman of UDMR explained Europe has created “a different reality” for the Hungarian minority in Romania, one in which “borders are not an obstacle in the way of Hungarian – Hungarian relations,” despite having rejected the Hungarians’ initiative to determine the EP to adopt a legislation that allowed territorial autonomies in Member States. “UDMR’s success is the Hungarians’ success, and we rely on each and every Hungarian both now and in the future,” Kelemen concluded.
Also present at the launch, Marko Bela, senator and honorary chairman of UDMR, remarked the Hungarians’ fiercest opponent is not the Romanian community, but the “ignorance, lack of faith, and lack of interest” of those who have been telling Hungarians they stand no chance. Before the c. 1,700 participants, Marko emphasized “perhaps” the history of Hungarians in Romania would have been different, had they been represented in Europe when the Treaty of Trianon was signed. According to the senator, Romania’s accession to NATO and the EU would have not been possible without UDMR.
In turn, in a speech held before the participants in the launch, MEP Sogor Csaba argued Hungarians do not view themselves as a minority in Europe. “We are not a minority in Szekely Land, nor do we feel like a minority in Europe. (…) We, Hungarians from Transylvania, know where we come from, what we want, and what the world that we want looks like. If necessary, we are willing to show Romanians what it feels like to be in the minority, and this is why I ask for your help,” MEP Sogor Csaba said.
Sogor Csaba’s speech has extremist tendencies and proves he has no understanding whatsoever of the world in which he lives, Catalin Ivan, spokesperson for PSD, retorted, pointing out the reason why UDMR is sending him to Brussels is to finally understand European values. He went on to say certain Hungarian leaders are more preoccupied with the world in which they would like to live, rather than with the world in which they live. “(…) Mr. Csaba runs the risk of completely discrediting himself before the voters, because this is not the direction in which Europe is headed, nor is it the direction in which Romania is headed,” Ivan emphasized.

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