Pro-Russian protesters invade the Donetsk local administration HQ

Pro-Russian protesters on Sunday invaded the HQ of the province administration in the town of Donetsk, in the Russian-speaking east of Ukraine, reports an AFP correspondent, quoted by Mediafax.
Over 2,000 people rallied near the building, which was under police guard. At the end of the rally, a group of 150 split from the main body with the purpose of taking over the local administration.
After being rejected by police, some 50 protesters succeeded in entering the premises, removed the Ukrainian flag from atop the 10-storey building and raised the Russian one instead.
They carried banners with messages like “Donetsk, a Russian city,” “Give us a referendum” for independence and joining Russia, or “Out with NATO.” After the toppling of Ukraine’s pro-Russian regime, at the end of February, by pro-European protesters, in a revolt that ended with human victims in the capital of Kiev, tensions escalated in the Russian-speaking east of the country, on the border with Russia. Dozens were killed in these rallies.

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