Programme approved, Gov’t ready to take responsibility

The document does not represent the ruling programme of December 2012, but it is “almost integrally” inspired from it, the premier says. No confidence motion looming.

Premier Victor Ponta announced yesterday, at the beginning of the cabinet meeting, that the Executive will take responsibility for a package of priorities for the near future, as President Traian Basescu requested, the document being “almost integrally” inspired from USL’s ruling programme of 2012.

“The new government, under article 114 of the Constitution of Romania, will take responsibility for a new programme, not a ruling programme, but a programme. (…) Obviously we did not invent it overnight, as it is almost integrally inspired from the ruling programme adopted in 2012, but there are things that were already achieved and we no longer have to set them as targets once again, and there are also new things that appeared during one year and a half and they obviously had to be assumed by the Government and approved by the Parliament,” Ponta said, quoted by Mediafax.

Before this statement, political sources had informed that the government allegedly approved, Wednesday evening, the political programme which updates the ruling programme, and the document was sent to the Parliament yesterday morning.

On the other hand, the Premier said there is no peace between the President and the Government, the agreement regarding the inauguration of the new government was only a truce. ‘I have seen a wave of optimism that there is peace between the Government and the President. I do not believe in such illusions and do not wish to delude anybody. There is no peace and I don’t think there will be peace until December when we will have a President that understands how to be an arbiter president and not a player president. Last night was only an armistice imposed by two things: the Parliament’s vote on Tuesday (…) and the regional and European reality,’ said Ponta. In regards to the latter reason, he stated that the European Union and the transatlantic partners are in need of a ‘stable Romania, democratic and serious in these very difficult moments and very close to the borders’.

Unrelated to this, he conveyed to the young ministers of his cabinet a message not to be afraid by those who say that being young is their big problem. He assured them, from his own experience, that this is the only “issue” which surely is solved by time.

Iohannis: Ponta lied; He did not want to continue with the USL formula


Considered as the “bone of contention” in the recent disputes between PNL and PSD that led to the breaking of USL, liberal first vice-president Klaus Iohannis accuses PM Ponta of “having lied” as, in fact, “he did not want to continue in the USL formula.” “Paradoxically, he did not want to go to Parliament with a modification that moved a word from a position to another, saying that it is complicate and inappropriate, but preferred to make a new alliance, a new government. (…) This was a pretext, as we said in the first place. It was the pretext he used and succeeded in breaking the USL,” Iohannis stated yesterday.

In his opinion, the move made by the premier “is not a success, but a political error”: “He built a government that has little personality, many titles, few accomplishments. I, for one, am not convinced by this government team.”


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