Protest of revolutionaries at PSD central headquarters

Several dozens of revolutionaries peacefully protested yesterday in front of PSD central headquarters, asking to talk to PM Victor Ponta and their rights based on their revolutionaries’ status should be observed. According to revolutionary Dumitru Dinca who talked to PSD leaders, the revolutionaries ask for the amendment of an emergency ordinance issued by Ponta Government which affects the revolutionaries’ rights, and they threaten with ample protests otherwise. The revolutionaries shouted slogans against the party, hoisting a red banner on which it was written: “PSD equals PCR” and “Ponta, Sarbu, Dragnea, economic genocide 2014.” PSD honourary chairman Ion Iliescu came to the central headquarters of the party to talk to PM Victor Ponta about the situation of the revolutionaries. “I have talked to the prime minister. He said the problem will be solved according to the law. The law was discontinued by Boc and must be reestablished, but on reasonable bases,” said Iliescu quoted by Mediafax.

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