PSD, broadside against PNL

The dissension at the top of USL also affects the basis of the party. At least this is what the Liberals claim, accusing pressures by the Social-democrats in the territory, and more. Some PNL state secretaries have already been dismissed.

The leader of PNL Mures, Ciprian Dobre claims that the prime minister sacked two state secretaries of PNL from the government. “Unfortunately, the actions contradict the words of Mr. Victor Ponta. Today  were removed from office Bogdan Nica, president of the National Consumers Protection Authority (ANPC) and Ovidiu Putura, state secretary with the Ministry of Justice. I think it was also yesterday that the same prime minister said that all the liberals in the government are good and he has his arm extended. Apparently, the extended arm meant the decisions to dismiss the two liberals,” the leader of PNL Mures affirms in a press release quoted by Mediafax.
Ciprian Dobre is not the only one who brings such accusations against Ponta. The leader of PNL Vrancea, Nini Sapunaru accused the premier of “waging an increasingly fierce war against PNL,” after he “constantly undermined” the foundation of USL, in a message to liberals, posted on a social network. He even sent a public message to the leader of PSD, saying that “PNL has repeatedly demonstrated that it can make politics in the opposition, that it is a big party which cannot be unsettled by the temporary occupation of offices.” According to Sapunaru, the message posted by the premier on his social network account, addressed to the voters of PNL and USL, “actually is a message in which he waves the offices held by liberals at the centre and in the territory.” “PNL stays in power, united, in order to govern the country, as it promised. Premier Ponta and PSD should not rely on us for maintaining the system promoted and kept in place by Traian Basescu regarding the battle for offices,” Sapunaru adds.
Tough accusations against the PSD leader were also launched by deputy Mircea Rosca, president of PNL Prahova, who claims that the liberals from the central and local administration are subjected to “unimaginable” pressure to leave the party and join the PSD, reports. According to the same source, he criticised the dismissing by PM Victor Ponta of the liberal Bogdan Cristian Nica from the office of ANPC president. “This is a clear proof of the fact that Premier Victor Ponta bears the blame for breaking USL. At this moment, all PNL representatives from the local and central administration are subject to unimaginable pressure to join PSD. This is abnormal, especially as these things occur before political negotiations,” Mircea Rosca said for Jurnalul Prahovean. The liberal accused Victor Ponta of “complaining on TV that he supports the unity of USL, while behind the scene he does everything to get rid of the liberals.”
Subsequent to these statements, the news about the removal of Ovidiu Putura (PNL) from the office of state secretary with the Ministry of Justice got confirmed by being published in the Official Gazette. If nothing is known about his successor, things are different in the case of state secretary Bogdan Nica (photo), who was replaced with ANPC president Marius Dunca, a member of PSD and president of the Brasov branch of the Social Democratic Youth (TSD) organisation.
Also yesterday, the premier sacked Stefania Duminica from the office of state secretary with the Ministry of Education, after the Ethics Committee of the Bucharest University ruled that her dissertation paper dating from 2012 was “integrally plagiarised” after a paper written in 2008. The decision to remove Stefania Duminica from office was published by the Official Gazette.

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