PSD-PPDD alliance?


The executive leader of the party, Liviu Dragnea started negotiations with PPDD in view of a political collaboration. According to PPDD founding President Dan Diaconescu, a first discussion already took place between Liviu Dragnea and the secretary general of PP-DD, Liviu Neagu, over punctual support at local level in Teleorman.  “PPDD decides the fate of the local administration, there are 34 counties where majorities cannot be reached now, after the breaking of USL, and PPDD can stop the thieving of profiteers. We can do this with the profiteers from both camps,” Diaconescu stated.  He added that he personally had no talks with PSD, only the secretary general of PPDD met Liviu Dragnea to discuss about the situation in Teleorman. “PSD needs us, we can pose these conditions and give our vote depending on some conditions,” Diaconescu explained, adding that heated discussions exist for other counties as well. Dan Diaconescu also asked all the people who lead parties to join him in an alliance against Basescu.  In his turn, the executive president of PSD, Liviu Dragnea yesterday said that if PPDD wants an alliance against Basescu, PSD will join it. He added that PSD wants to form majorities with PPDD in all county councils and in the local councils of large towns, adding that the two parties might even reach an agreement in Parliament.