PSD President attacks Finance Minister Anca Dragu: “She doesn’t have a very good handle on information”

PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Wednesday that he does not see Finance Minister Anca Dragu having the will to move things with the financial instruments she has at her disposal and added that she should understand that she is Finance Minister, not an office worker, Agerpres informs.

“What I’ve noticed, and I’ve talked with my colleagues too, is that she doesn’t have a very good handle on information there, because unfortunately there were several questions, one of them raised by yours truly, that she couldn’t answer. She had to consult with one of the secretaries of state there. I don’t see the minister being open and willing to move things with the financial instruments that the Finance Ministry has. Yesterday evening I saw a television show about a terrible VAT printed form, 15 pages, there are many companies complaining about this. I hope the minister will understand that she is a Finance Minister, not an office worker, even though it is said she was a good civil servant at the IMF. The Finance Ministry has to implement the finance policy and the Finance Minister can generate economic growth or stagnation in the country,” Liviu Dragnea said on Wednesday when asked about Finance Minister Anca Dragu’s performance last week before PSD Lower Chamber MPs.

PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Wednesday that Social Democrats should take a break from their weekly meetings with Ciolos Government members in Parliament, because the meetings have become “boring” and serve rather to “encumber” their regular agenda.

“I have talked with my colleagues. We have to take a break because our group’s meetings with the ministers are increasingly boring because the ministers are not saying anything, they do not answer much and encumber us too,” Liviu Dragnea said.

The PSD leader explained that the weekly meetings have become occasions for ministers “to talk the talk” with Social Democrat MPs and encumber the latter by taking up the time they should be using to debate their party’s parliamentary and political activity.

“I believe it’s no longer needed for the time being,” Dragnea concluded.

Ciolos Government members come to Parliament every week, usually on Monday, in order to take part in meetings with the parliamentary groups, having been summoned the most by Social Democrat lawmakers both in the Lower Chamber and in the Senate.

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