PSD’s Dragnea: As party chairman, I bear the political costs of criticisms against Gov’t


Liviu Dragnea, national leader of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), the ruling coalition’s main party, said Wednesday that in this capacity he bears the political costs of any criticism levelled against the Government, hinting to his position in the latest polls.

Asked for his take on the poll that shows him 5th in approval ratings, as against PSD’s Gabriela Firea, the general mayor of Bucharest, who tops the same rankings, Dragnea blamed the outcome on contentious debates on a controversial ordinance concerning the judiciary.

“As chairman of the party, I bear the political costs of all criticisms levelled against the Government, which is natural because it happens everywhere in the world. You will never see me parting ways with the Government if the Government makes mistakes, which has not been the case so far,” Dragnea told the Radio Romania Actualitati public radio broadcaster.

Asked whether he aims to become prime minister, Dragnea said: “That is not my perspective. My perspective, and the perspective of the party, is to carry through our governing platform, which is the most important thing to Romanians. The Government is the tool that implements the platform. If the incumbent government lives by all the provisions in its platform, Romania will stand to gain.”

On the other hand, he reiterated the need for a debate on the entire legislation related to the judiciary.

“An integrated debate must be conducted. I do not find it efficient holding separate debates on each of the pieces of legislation in these fields. All the relevant parties must get involved. A serious debate is needed. I do not believe it should take very many months to conclude, but a comprehensive debate on the entire legislation in this field is needed,” said Dragnea.

He added that in the period immediately ahead a debate on deforestation will also be conducted.


Foreign specialists to work on magistrates’ accountability law: “There is corruption within the judiciary too”


The PSD President also announced that foreign specialists will be brought to work on a law concerning the magistrates’ accountability, but solely on this chapter. Dragnea said that the whole system must be rethought because it has major problems.

“The magistrates’ accountability law is a priority for everyone, both for PSD and for the others. (…) I’m primarily interested in identifying a package of legal measures that would make judges feel better protected. As a Romanian citizen, when I go before court I want the judge to judge solely from the standpoint of the law and not to consider other elements. (…) We must find the best solutions for a profound change in this system,” Liviu Dragnea stated for Radio Romania.

Liviu Dragnea said foreign experts, such as those from the Venice Commission or reputed judiciary specialists, will be brought to offer consultancy so that a package of measures meant to reform the judiciary would be drawn up.