PSD, ALDE MPs summoned to sign, lodge and read no confidence motion against Grindeanu Gov’t


The Members of the Parliament with the ruling coalition’s parties (Social Democratic Party, PSD, and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats, ALDE) are summoned on Sunday afternoon for the signing, lodging and reading of the no confidence motion against the Grindeanu government.

For the submission of the no-confience motion as many as 116 signatures are required since, in accordance with the Constitution, the no confidence motion could be initiated by one fourth (1/4) of the total number of the senators and deputies.

Romania’s Parliament counts for 464 members, and in order for a censure motion to pass, it requires 233 votes.

According to the websites of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, the PSD has 221 MPs in both chambers, whilst the ALDE counts 26 MPs, all in all 247 members of the ruling coalition.

As for the parties outside the governmental coalition, the PNL (National Liberal Party) has 98 MPs, the USR (Save Romania Union) 43, the UDMR (Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania) 30, the PMP (People’s Party Movement) 26, the minorities (other than Hungarian) 17, and 3 are non-affiliated MPs.

According to Art. 113, para 3 of Romania’s Constitution, a no confidence motion is debated 3 days since it has been presented in the joint session of the two chambers of the Parliament.


PSD’s  Fifor: The no-confidence motion to be read in Parliament on Sunday


The no-confidence motion against the Grindeanu Cabinet will be read on Sunday in the plenary meeting of the two Chambers of Parliament, leader of Social Democratic Party (PSD) senators Mihai Fifor announced on Friday evening.

“Following closely what happens and how these events take place, we decided to convene our parliamentary colleagues for Sunday. On Sunday, at 16:30 hrs, the censure motion will be read in the plenary meeting of Parliament. This means that the schedule for Sunday will be as follows: starting 15:00 hrs, the sessions of the Social-Democratic and ALDE [Alliance of Liberals and Democrats] parliamentary groups will take place, from 16:00 hrs, the meeting of the Joint Standing Bureaus will take place, and from 16,30 hrs the joint plenary sessions where the motion will be read,” Mihai Fifor stated at the PSD headquarters.

He argued that the Social-Democrats cannot “stand by impassively” to what is happening.

“And we believe it’s normal for Romania’s Parliament to react and be able to reinstate what is currently happening in the normal order of things. It is an illegal and unconstitutional way by which two former party members try to seize the government power in Romania, so we, the PSD and the ALDE partners, cannot stand by to this thing. Therefore, we want to read the censure motion on Sunday so that, in the shortest time possible, Romania returns to being a legitimate country, where the government is a legitimate government designated by Romania’s Parliament,” Mihai Fifor said.


PM Grindeanu: Things to unfold incredibly at PSD’s no-confidence motion


Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu claimed on Saturday in Timisoara that, the people attending the no-confidence motion will witness “incredible” things.

The PM stated that he awaits for the motion to be filed by the Social democratic Party (PSD) against its own Gov’t, as a first, a matter which, according to the PM, leader of the PSD Liviu Dragnea is responsible for.

The PM revealed that he is endorsed by other Social-Democratic organizations in the country and underscored that all the talks he will carry out with political partners in order to impede Dragnea motion will be transparent.

“All the talks that I will have are to be carried out transparently. I am not hiding, to be afraid and do things behind one’s back, things that are not normal in a democracy and in a member state of the EU. Therefore, if I had met, you would have known,” Sorin Grindeanu explained.

Furthermore, the PM mentioned that he requested for a Congress of the PSD to convene and discuss issues that surfaced over the past year in the party, a period when, as he claimed, the formation was led every other two months,” by the National Executive Committee (CExN), “which is not a democratic way.”

“I have a 21 years history in the PSD and many years will add up, but I have never seen until now, for instance, not to convene for one year any National Standing Bureau of the PSD. (…) The CEx meetings were convened for sanctions. Moreover, it seemed normal to see in the last CEx an analysis of the results of the partial elections on 11 June, in the country. This analysis was not carried out, the result was hidden under the rug.” Grindeanu explained.

He denied having meetings with Traian Basescu over the last period. “I, do no. But, still in office chairman of the PSD Liviu Dragnea could have had. It ties them a common history,” Sorin Grindeanu added.


Orban: PNL is not going to attend the no confidence reading session


The liberals will not attend on Sunday the session when the no-confidence  motion initiated by the ruling Social Democratic Party (PSD) is going to be read, on Saturday night announced the National Liberal Party (PNL)’s fresh elected chairman, Ludovic Orban.

“Sunday is a rest day from God. (…) We are not going to participate (in the sitting – ed. n.) Tomorrow (Sunday) we have a second round of elections of the national leadership, the election of the Political Bureau. Once the Political Bureau is elected, I will call this forum on Monday to decide on the PNL’s official stance to the serious crisis Romania is confronted with due to the parliamentary majority,” Orban asserted, after the Saturday PNL Congress.

He added that the PNL wishes to get to power through the peoples’ vote, and not through “long talks, under-table negotiations with the various factions of the ruling party.”

“To me, they all are as mean, both the chief-moustached and the one who is chain-clinging on the Victoria Palace and takes the Government’s seat with the PSD headquarters,” Orban stressed.

The new PNL President added that early elections are possible any time now and that his party will back this variant.