Pungesti road blocked, Chevron equipment starts working

PM Ponta: We will not stand by as the law is violated; the Gendarmerie officers’ actions are legal.

A road linking the county town of Vaslui to Pungesti rural town (north-east of the capital) has been blocked since early Monday at the entry to Silistea, where Chevron company has moved several pieces of equipment as it plans to start setting up the first exploration well for shale gas in the eastern Vaslui County, Agerpres reports. The gendarmes have set up guardrails and would not even let the reporters get close to the site where Chevron has kicked off the works. Riot police, gendarmes and firemen have been moved to the area. They surrounded the protesters’ camp and took them to their vans to search for their identity. Some protesters say they were beaten and shoved by the gendarmes, accusations that the Gendarmerie officials deny, as they insist they acted as per the law, given that a more than 100 crowd blocked the access of Chevron machines to the leased site.
Around 12 at noon, approximately 40 Pungesti locals who were protesting against shale gas exploration on the other side of fences put up by the Gendarmerie attempted to block the access of Chevron cars. Several protesters, including one priest, sat down in the middle of the road when they noticed Chevron company cars trying to enter the perimeter secured by the Gendarmerie. Around 80 Gendarmerie officers intervened immediately and removed the protesters from the road, while others were pushed to the side to free access to the highway. A number of Chevron company vehicles were thus able to make their way to the land on which the shale gas exploration probe will be set up. 250 Gendarmerie officers are currently deployed to Pungesti (Vaslui County), Mircea Olaru, Chief of the Romanian Gendarmerie, stated, adding that tear gas, sticks, or other such means were “never” used by Gendarmerie officers against the protesters, according to Mediafax.
Some of the locals blocked the road, while others refused to comply, Olaru pointed out. People “were lifted up” by Gendarmerie officers and taken to the police station for identification, he concluded.
Commenting on these events, Prime Minister Victor Ponta stated the Gendarmerie officials acted in full accordance with the law and he deemed law violations, regardless of the number of persons involved, unacceptable, since everyone else has to obey the law. “That is private property. Managers of Chevron have put up fences to protect private property. If it was any other person’s private property, even the land at Nana, the same actions would have been implemented if people illegally occupied a land property – state forces would have been sent to ensure the application of the law,” Ponta said.


  1. George says:

    Stop attacking your people for your own personal greed. Democracy is supposed to be for the good of the people not the good of the government!

  2. Lloyd Good says:

    These protesters are brave patriots who are protecting their country from being poisoned forever by a foreign corporation. Chevron will not be there to provide those farmers with clean drinking water after the aquifer has been fractured and the gas has been extracted.
    Fracking is premeditated murder and this is state sponsored genocide.

    • Not Lloyd says:

      Lloyd, I’m not sure if you completely understand how fraccing works. There is absolutely no fracturing of aquifers in the water table, I’m unsure of these particular wells, but shales containing gas in Romania are up to 6km underground, well below the water table.
      Please do some research before just repeating what you’ve read on some sensationalist website.

      • Not Not Lloyd says:

        It’s not just about fracking. It’s about government and police suppressing our people. What is the democracy ? What are the human rights ? And one more thing, I don’t want to drink water with gas. Sorry if you like it.

      • Bill says:


        Well aren’t you funny my friend. Go ahead and try lighting your water with a flame after they are done… Normally water does not ignite. I’m sure you will say there is a ‘reasonable explanation’ for this as well. Good for you, not questioning the propaganda from big oil conglomerates. You make a good consumerist global citizen.

      • Gigi says:

        It doesn’t matter if it’s safe or not, it’s not about that. Whatever they’re doing could be 100% safe. Chevron could even plant trees instead of fracking – as long as THE PEOPLE oppose Chevron planting trees, then they shouldn’t plant trees.

      • Dan says:

        It’s been conclusively proven that fracking at 10,000 feet WILL contaminate the water table. And every company has said before hand that it was not possible. Greed and lying go hand in hand. I imagine you work for one of these companies.

      • KenJ says:

        “A southern California oil company has been fined $60,000 after being caught on camera illegally dumping a toxic discharge produced by hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.”
        “Hydraulic fracturing is the fracturing of rock by a pressurized liquid”. (Wikipedia)
        “Toxic discharge”. “Liquid”. What, precisely, happens to this toxic liquid afterwards?
        Example: the gold mines in Johannesburg (South Africa) where the “toxic” problems emerged long after the companies had packed up and left.
        This world is full of mining companies chasing short term profits at the expense of long term damage. Aided by (often corrupt) politicians who only think about the next election. i.e. short term again.
        You might need to research the topic in more depth yourself!

  3. Jonathan says:

    Ponta says, “That is private property.” I wonder whose property it was before it was sold to Chevron?

    • Cristi says:

      The citizens are organised as a resistance on a private field(the field is the property of a protester).The police assaulted them at 4 AM when they were sleeping. They were situated across the chevron field, not on the chevron field which was illegally lent by the actual major who is investigated by our Anti-Corruption Organization for that trade.

  4. Joe says:

    Please use images large enough to actually see something.

  5. All That I Am says:

    Evil will not listen to the people, oh but wait, for some day the people will deny the evil ones the most important thing in life, their very soul, for their is NO ROOM in Heaven for people who follow evil, no one will want them…ohh…then their heart shall burn and they shall scream and cry..but alas what is done is done and none shall see the Glories of Heaven who were evil, but will fall to the pit to never be seen again. I am not talking religion “cults” I am talking about the one and only Creator of all. Learn “The Lesson” and move on, do not and you will return, again and again, while the learned shall live in Heaven Forever. The “Lesson” is simple : “Love one another as you would love yourself” and all shall be made whole again. Salutations and Glory to The Creator of all.

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