Rain and storms all over the country

ANM: Weather to get colder in April, and it will rain in May

Weather instability will get gradually stronger in most areas, as of Monday afternoon, first in the West where there will be showers, lightning and strong winds, and then in central, southern and eastern Romania by Tuesday night, according to an ANM report. The release issued on Sunday is valid as of Monday 2 pm till Tuesday 10 pm. “During the aforementioned period, the weather instability will get gradually stronger in most areas, starting with the West. There will be showers, lightning, strong gusts and possibly hail. The water quantity will exceed 20 to 25 liters per square meter in some areas,” reads the weather institute report.

Forecast on upcoming three months
Temperatures will go down in April compared to those reported these days whereas May will be rainy in most of the country, said executive director of the National Meteorology Administration (ANM) Florinela Georgescu on Friday, who presented the forecast on the upcoming three months. Thus, the temperatures in April will be closer to the climate average values of the period (maximum temperatures of 20 to 25 degrees), possibly lower in the South regions so that the Easter temperatures are not expected to be so high as these days, said Florinela Georgescu.
Neither May will bring higher temperatures as they will also get closer to the normal average values of that season and even lower in North and Center. As for precipitation, it will be in excess in western and central Romania, and May will be rainy most of the country, with precipitation exceeding 70 liters per square meter. ANM executive director warned though that the winter was unusually warm and lacking in precipitation and that a period of heavy rains is actually welcome.
As for the summer, there will be not so much precipitation and drought might befall some regions. Sultry weather is expected in some areas, such as the land regions in southern and western Romania, said Florinela Georgescu.

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