Rains to continue until Friday evening

Large quantities of rain will be registered in southwestern regions. Over 300 locals isolated in Vrancea County.

The meteorological warning for heavy rains was extended until Friday evening, Ion Sandu, the director of the National Meteorological Administration (ANM) announced. Moreover, the National Hydrology and Water Management Institute issued a hydrological warning for the rivers that are part of the Lotru hydrographic basin, where significant flash floods with possible local effects are expected to take place.
Ion Sandu pointed out that larger quantities of rain will be registered in southwestern regions, but it will also rain in the counties already affected by flooding, the quantities reaching 15-20 liters per square meter in 24 hours’ time. More precisely, nine southwestern counties, Caras-Severin, Mehedinti, Gorj, Vâlcea, Arges, Dâmbovita, Prahova, Buzau and Vrancea will stay under the orange code allert until Friday evening at least.
The ANM Director pointed out that rainfalls measuring 20-30 liters per square meter were registered for five consecutive days on April 15-19, and high quantities of rain were registered locally in the last two days, being capable of causing solely small creeks, not rivers, to overflow their banks. Sandu added however that at the end of this week and the start of next week only instabilities, not significant rains, will be registered.
Meteorologists had issued a yellow code warning for 11 counties located in the southern half of the country, where torrential rains, thunderstorms, hail and wind speeds of 50-60 kilometers per hour were registered in the last two days.
Over 300 locals are isolated in Vrancea County, several families being evacuated because of landslides revived by the heavy rains in the past days. Minister of Defence announced it is ready to intervene with 2,000 militaries and 300 technical equipments in the flooded areas.
Vice Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea on Wednesday asked the prefects of the counties affected by flooding to send as soon as possible the action plans for the locations believed to be critical in order to prevent as efficiently as possible the waters from flooding again the already affected localities. ‘I want to ask you to remain at the headquarters, to remain at the same level of mobilisation and preparedness, because the news is not good. Starting on Thursday, a code orange was issued for approximately the same areas. I shall ask you to send after this videoconference to the single communication point at the IGSU (The Inspectorate General for Emergency Situations), to Mr Raed Arafat, the critical locations where you believe urgent interventions can be done in order to concentrate there the forces and means with which to prevent, where we can, the waters from flooding the same areas or the same homes again,’ Dragnea told the prefects of the Flood Command he coordinated at the Victoria Palace.
PM: People can’t be persuaded to move out of flood-prone areas
Premier Ponta pointed out yesterday on the national radio station that the government is forced to finance expensive infrastructure works in order to prevent flooding, works that can never cover all rivers, because people cannot be persuaded to leave the dangerous areas and the state has no plots of land available for them. He stated that there is no problem with the legislation that concerns constructions in flood-prone areas, but there is a problem of “mentality.” Water Minister Doina Pana had stated on Wednesday at the emergency situations cell that the existence of hazard and risk maps does not mean one is “instantly” prepared for calamities, but they were necessary in order to devise the management plan on the basis of which construction permits will be issued after 2016.

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