Rally for Szekler Land’s autonomy

Some 4,000 persons took part in Targu Mures in a rally commemorating the Szeklers killed in 1854. Thousands of others simultaneously protested in Budapest, asking the Romanian government to initiate negotiations for the autonomy of Szeklers.

Approximately 4,000 persons took part on Monday afternoon in a protest organized in Targu Mures in order to commemorate the Szeklers killed in 1854, the National Szekler Council (CNS) asking for the autonomy of the Szekler Land and also for the start of a dialogue with the new government over the status of the region. The participants marched shouting “Hungary,” “death to Trianon” and “autonomy.”
Vona Gabor, the president of Hungary’s far-right party Jobbik, Toro Tibor, the president of PPMT, Biro Zsolt, the president of the Civic Magyar Party, Sfantu Gheorghe Mayor Antal Arpad and Miercurea Ciuc Mayor Raduly Robert, as well as the representatives of local authorities from Covasna, Mures and Harghita counties, were among the participants. Likewise, the event was also attended by the representatives of the HVIM, the Magyar Garda (an organization banned in Hungary), but also by representatives of Catalonia, Poland and Turkey.
According to Mediafax, during the event several persons wearing the t-shirts of HVIM scuffled with the gendarmes and threw petards. “After we identify the persons that tried to commit illegalities we will issue sanctions. We haven’t done that for the time being,” Daniel Manea, the spokesperson of the Mures County’s Gendarmerie, stated and added that the gendarmes did not intervene in force. Mures County Prefect Corneliu Grosu stated that HVIM representatives tried to provoke the law enforcement authorities. “I believe these rallies should no longer take place in the future. (…) Rallies with flags and secession requests should never again take place in Targu Mures; the authorities should ban such events based on a legal framework that does not exist right now and that should be created,” the prefect added. In reply, CNS President Izsak Balazs stated that he did not invite the representatives of the HVIM organization at the event and those breaking the law “are individually responsible.”
MEP Laszlo Tokes stated on Monday within the European Parliament that the Szeklers living in the Szekler Land are about to become a minority on their own land, just like it happened to the Tartars in Crimea and has asked for the EU’s help in obtaining autonomy.
PM Ponta stated that the government should do everything possible to apply the law and European standards concerning minorities and should discourage extremists “on all sides,” both Hungarian and Romanian ones which are not in Transylvania but on TV in Bucharest.
The rally in Targu Mures was organized for the second consecutive year by the National Szekler Council (CNS) on the Szekler Freedom Day (March 10), the day on which three martyr Szeklers executed in 1854 are commemorated.
Thousands of people gathered in Budapest’s Heroes Square in order to ask for the autonomy of the Szekler land, the organizers asking the Romanian government to start negotiations in this sense, MTI informs. During the rally, Arpad Gyorgy-Mozes, the leader of the Society for the Szekler Land, asked the Romanian government to start negotiations with the organizations that militate for the Szekler Land and to respect human rights. The participants lit candles in front of the Romanian embassy in Budapest and sang the Hungarian and Szekler anthems.
Attila Korodi: “We are pro-autonomy. It’s been part of UDMR’s platform since 1992”
Environment Minister Attila Korodi described himself as pro-autonomy and stated that the territorial autonomy of the Szekler Land has been part of UDMR’s political platform since 1992. “I am sincerely telling you, we are in favour because it has been part of UDMR’s political platform since 1992. It’s not something… absurd. It’s very palpable and for us that means a normal development for the Hungarian community. To be able to have these instruments because we want to contribute to Romania’s development with the best we can,” Attila Korodi stated on Realitatea TV.

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