Raluca Turcan: “PNL lost elections because of confused message. Let’s not make Ciolos the scapegoat”


National Liberal Party (PNL) interim chair Raluca Turcan stated on Tuesday evening that PNL lost the elections because of the confused message and that she does not want to “make Dacian Ciolos the scapegoat,” pointing out that a discussion with the ex-Premier would be “normal” but that the party can recover independently of him.

“I would say my colleague Ludovic Orban’s statement is politically more mature than a statement brutally rejecting Dacian Ciolos. Let’s not forget that Dacian Ciolos was elected by the party’s statutory bodies as our nominee for the Premier’s office. He is a man PNL backed and promoted during the campaign, through its thousands of sympathisers,” Raluca Turcan stated on B1TV.

PNL’s interim leader blamed the party’s failure in the parliamentary elections on “the confused message that diluted PNL’s identity” and that distanced it from right-wing voters.

Dacian Ciolos should not be the “scapegoat” when analysing PNL’s failure in the elections, she emphasised.

“I believe the interpretations on both sides were not calibrated in the elections campaign. I believe that if PNL, with a Premier from outside the party, focused more on governing solutions, solving problems, attracting people with expertise, who have a say and can in turn mobilise other people, the result would have been different. I don’t want us to make Dacian Ciolos the scapegoat. I want the analysis to be realistic,” Turcan said.

She added that at the party’s grassroots level there are Liberals disappointed with the “hesitant way” in which Dacian Ciolos got involved in the parliamentary elections campaign.

“Relating to Dacian Ciolos must be decent, measured and realistic. (…) I believe a discussion with Dacian Ciolos would be normal on PNL’s part; however, there is a very long way from this to talking about the presidency of PNL,” Turcan stressed.

In what concerns the possibility for Dacian Ciolos to join PNL, alongside other technocrats that were part of his Cabinet, she stated that PNL can recover independently of Dacian Ciolos.

“I plan to learn what did not work within PNL and not to repeat it. I believe PNL can recover independently of Dacian Ciolos. If he wants to, Dacian Ciolos can become a strong point of the PNL team,” the party’s interim president concluded.


Ludovic Orban: “Ciolos is welcomed in PNL, but nobody can promise he will also be elected”


Against the backdrop in which several PNL leaders have vehemently rejected closer relations with Dacian Ciolos in the upcoming period, former Lower Chamber lawmaker Ludovic Orban stated the ex-Premier is welcomed within PNL but nobody can promise he will be elected to any party office.

“In my view, Dacian Ciolos is welcomed within the National Liberal Party. On condition he too wants this. It would have been better for him to take this step before the parliamentary elections. It wasn’t to be. I also believe Dacian Ciolos can run for any office within PNL in the party’s internal elections. However, nobody from PNL or from outside PNL can promise him he will also be elected. This can only be decided by PNL members who will take part in PNL’s national party conference,” Orban wrote on Facebook.

Subsequently, he stated for B1TV that his posting was the result of some statements made by other Liberals. “They were flocking to applaud Mr. Ciolos as PNL’s candidate for the Premier’s office before the parliamentary elections, and after the elections they tried pinning the blame on Ciolos, and when the talk on the possibility of him joining PNL appeared publicly they were against this initiative,” the Liberal pointed out.

“I really believe that if Mr. Ciolos wants to join PNL that is normal, natural, his place is within PNL because Mr. Ciolos’s almost entire career is linked to PNL,” Orban concluded.