Ramnicu Valcea Mayor Emilian Francu sentenced to 4 years in prison

Mayor of Ramnicu Valcea city, Emilian Francu was sentenced to four years in prison, following a ruling issued on Wednesday by the Bucharest Court of Appeal, according to Agerpres. The ruling is final.
Francu was sent to court by the prosecutors of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), after he was caught red-handed while receiving bribe from the manager of a company, Bucharest-based architect Sorin Dragos Popescu.
According to the indictment, in early 2013 the Ramnicu Valcea City Hall assigned the project entitled “Reorganization and Fit-up works on the Central Public Area in the Ramnicu Valcea city” to an architecture firm. The objective of the project was to build a public market, an underground parking and an underground passage, and the costs of the design services amounted to nearly EUR 200,000.
Emilian Francu was denounced by the manager of the architecture firm, after Francu had requested him EUR 20,000, namely 10 percent of the amount worth EUR 200,000 for the service contract. Francy would have solicited the amount of EUR 20,000 in exchange for signing the acts on sealing, carrying out and implementing the service contract, the indictment reads.
After the completion of the works featuring in the service contract and the payment of a first installment from the money owed by the Ramnicu Valcea City Hall, on April 22, Emilian Francu would have asked the firm’s manager to give him, via an intermediary, RON 50,000. On April 25, Emilian Francu was caught red-handed while receiving the amount of RON 50,000 from the intermediary in question.
Francu claimed before the court that the money was not for him personally, but for the organization of the events to celebrate 625 years since the official registration of the Ramnicu Valcea city. According to judicial sources, Francu’s file would contain a phone call recording between the mayor and the manager of the architecture firm. According to the recording, Francu informs the architect about the specific place to place the money, namely at the secretariat of a local TV station controlled by the mayor’s family. On the other hand, the whole operation took place at the headquarters of the TV station.

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