Request for preventive arrest of Florin Popescu, rejected


The Chamber of Deputies plenum rejected yesterday the request for the approval of the preventive arrest of deputy Florin Popescu, with 224 votes “against” and 78 votes “in favour.” Out of the total of 401 deputies, there were only 302 deputies present. The vote was by secret ballot. Prior to the vote, Popescu asked the deputies not to consider his a public danger, saying the accusations against him relate to issues two years ago, around Easter, and not during the election campaign. Later, he thanked his fellow MPs. “I am grateful to my fellow MPs that they trusted me that I do not pose a public danger and I would like to reassert that I am available for justice anytime I will be asked for a statement, I will not avoid it and I am not going to flee the country,” said Popescu, quoted by Mediafax.  We remind that the Chamber of Deputies could not vote on this issue over the past three weeks due to the absence of deputies, during the election campaign. The National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) asked for the approval of the Chamber of Deputies for the preventive arrest of Florin Popescu, for influence peddling with the purpose of getting money goods or services.