Right Romania Alliance officially launched

The ARD’s goals are winning general elections, drafting a new Constitution and strengthening anti-corruption and state institutions. Boc, Udrea and Anastase were absent from the PDL and ARD reunions. Coagulation of right-wing forces around PDL is a political failure, USL representatives claim.

The Democratic-Liberal Party (PDL), the Christian-Democratic National Peasants’ Party (PNTCD) and the Civic Force (FC) launched on Saturday, at the Palace of Parliament, the Right Romania Alliance (ARD). Each of the parties that make up the ARD separately approved, within their statutory bodies, the alliance’s platform and protocol. If in PDL’s case things went uneventfully, the party’s National Coordinating Council (CNC) unanimously adopting the Alliance’s platform, the same could not be said about the FC where there were voices against joining ARD. Thus, out of 448 delegates that attended FC’s CNC meeting, 417 voted in favor of joining ARD, 30 voted against and one abstained. The “surprise” at the ARD’s launch however was the absence of three important names from PDL – former Prime Minister and PDL President Emil Boc, who is currently the Mayor of Cluj, former Tourism Minister Elena Udrea and former Speaker of the Lower Chamber Roberta Anastase. PDL President Vasile Blaga stated in the speech he gave during the party’s CNC meeting that “PDL will be the main party in the future Parliament” and for that the Democrat-Liberals have to make sure they have competitive candidates in all colleges. Blaga also pointed out that both PDL and the other members of ARD have to prove their wisdom because parties are not made during an elections campaign, the process taking years. “Our alliance was born naturally. Our political vision and adhesion to democratic values brought us closer together and danger united us too. (…) The socialist restoration has forced us to create a common front,” the PDL President stated, being quoted by Mediafax. He reminded the CNC members that when he became president of PDL he took the commitment to stop the party’s collapse in the polls: “We made it together. Today, in all our analyses, the party scores 22 per cent, 24 per cent with its allies. USL is dropping continuously. Last week they had 48 per cent and they continue the trend of falling below 50 per cent.”On the other hand, Blaga criticized the USL government, stating that it meant “promises not honored, instability, insecurity and rising poverty.” “Look at what Ponta, Antonescu and Voiculescu did to the country. Hatred, enmity, disunity everywhere. (…) Lying has become a state policy, the Prime Minister being unfortunately the top liar,” the Democrat-Liberal stated.In what concerns the preparations for general elections this autumn, Vasile Blaga pointed out that PDL’s list of candidates was finished a week ago, but he avoided pointing out whether Elena Udrea will run in the elections: “We will combine them (the lists – editor’s note) with those of our colleagues from FC and PNTCD. Colleagues from the New Republic will run on PNTCD’s lists too. Monday (today – editor’s note) is the deadline for starting discussions, Thursday the deadline to complete them.” He added that the alliance partners will run for 55-60 seats.PDL First Vice President Cristian Preda told the party’s CNC on Saturday to “show solidarity within PDL, fairness within ARD and ruthlessness towards USL,” pointing out that for USL co-habitation means war and “if they want war they’ll have war.” At the same time, Preda criticized Victor Ponta for having a discourse for internal consumption and one “for export,” reminding that the Premier stated in Brussels that the political crisis ended in Romania. “The political crisis won’t end until Victor Ponta leaves the government because co-habitation by force is not possible,” the MEP pointed out. He underlined that the first test this alliance will go through will be the December 9 general elections and warned that in case ARD fails to pass the test the next one will not come sooner than 2014, the date of presidential elections. According to him, the Democrat-Liberals have to win 30 per cent of the seats and “solidarity” should be the keyword within the party.PDL MEP Monica Macovei stated that ARD’s goals consisted of drafting a new Constitution for a new Romania, as well as strengthening anti-corruption and state institutions. “We want executory sentences for corruption, we want no trial ending through lapse of time. We want a judge, a court room, a trial. We want digitized cases, a public national database for all court rulings,” Macovei stated.

Civic Force objective is the government, Ungureanu says

FC President Mihai Razvan Ungureanu admits his party will not have an easy time in its alliance with PDL and PNTCD, but points out that his party’s objective is to be in the government after the parliamentary election on December 9. ‘The history of our party did not begin on an August day just to end on a December day. This party has to live for as long as democracy lives in Romania. And it will live!’ Ungureanu told the party delegates. He also said each FC candidate in the parliamentary election would also enclose with his/her candidacy an unsigned resignation letter so that, if they do not respect or despise the will of the voters or of the party ‘we can part with that person who has used us instead of being useful to the country’. Like his alliance colleagues, the FC leader also criticised the Ponta Government saying that Romania now is ‘a mutilated, disfigured, robbed and contorted country by the five months of leftist rule’. He said the country had to be put back on its feet and explained that it was the very reason for which the right-wing political forces had united. Asked to comment on Vasile Blaga’s statement according to which PDL had a score of 22 per cent in opinion polls and that, as an alliance with FC and PNTCD, it would reach 24 per cent, Ungureanu said opinion polls call to activity and that he did not see that reference as criticism. ‘I do not comment on opinion polls, but I can tell you opinion polls are a snapshot. Some sound good, other sound not so good. Either way, opinion polls call to activity, to action’, the FC president further said.PNTCD President Aurelian Pavelescu in turn said ARD opposed ‘a Mafia-like conspiracy against Romanians (…), one rooted down in the Securitate-Communist system.’ ‘USL is nothing but a propaganda machine fuelled by the barons connected to public money,’ Pavelescu said.


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