Romania’s and R. of Moldova’s PMs mark visa lifting for Moldovan citizens

On this occasion, Iurie Leanca said at Sculeni that Moldova wants to be a member of the EU in 2019. ‘We support the objective without conditions and hidden thoughts’, PM Victor Ponta answered.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta and his Moldovan counterpart Iurie Leanca on Tuesday met with the locals of Sculeni within an event marking the visa lifting for Moldovan citizens by the EU member states.
The meeting took place on the stadium of Sculeni in the presence of several locals, most of them gymnasium pupils, who thus celebrated Europe’s Day, according to Moldovan Prime Minister Iurie Leanca. The two Prime Ministers then went to the border crossing point between the Republic of Moldova and Romania where they crossed the border together with other Moldovan citizens, biometric passport holders.
The head of the Romanian Executive said that the Government of Romania has the duty of supporting the Republic of Moldova unconditionally and ‘without any hidden goals in mind.’ He mentioned the sums allocated by the authorities in Bucharest for the reconstruction of 400 daycare units in the Republic of Moldova, and the gas pipeline between Iasi (northeastern Romania) and Ungheni (western Rep. of Moldova), to be completed this summer, after a long period when it remained mostly on paper.
According to Ponta, Romania has two major objectives set for 2019, when it will hold the European Union presidency, namely joining the Euro Zone and the Republic of Moldova’s EU integration.
On the other hand, he announced that, as vice-president of the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT), he will demand in the first session of this structure an evaluation made by all institutions with security attributions regarding the security problems inclusively from the perspective of R. Moldova, after the crisis of Ukraine.
At his turn, the Moldovan Premier pointed out that his country currently lives very special times. ‘A goal we set four years ago, a very special one, has been now reached. The citizens of the Republic of Moldova no longer need travel visas to enter the Schengen Area of the European Union. By this historic decision taken by our EU colleagues, we became much freer. It is a great achievement for the Moldovan society, a great achievement of us all. But this success was possible due to an unprecedented cooperation with our European friends, especially with those in Romania’, Leanca said, quoted by Agerpres.
In context, Ponta added that he wishes that the Republic of Moldova signed the European Union Association Agreement as soon as possible this year. ‘Just like visa waiver meant the decisive step towards the EU for Romanians twelve years ago, I wish that today marks the decisive step of the Republic of Moldova towards the European Union. As I always said and as I told Mr. Martin Schulz, the President of the European Parliament and possibly the next President of the European Commission, our fundamental goal – for both of us, and for both our peoples, I think – is to have a place at the table of full members for the prime minister of the Republic of Moldova in 2019, when Romania will hold the EU presidency,’ Ponta declared.
The two prime ministers then went to the border checkpoint of Sculeni and crossed the border to Romania with a couple of Moldovan citizens holding biometric passports. The head of the Romanian government recollected how, at the beginning of the ‘90s, when he went to R. of Moldova with the basketball team, he waited 12 hours at the border, both when he left Romania and when he returned, in order to enter the neighbour state. He thanked Moldovan officials and the inhabitants of Sculeni for how he was received: “Thank you for receiving me and for this superb weather. It was not so nice in Bucharest and I think this reflects the soul of all those present here”. In a different move, the Moldovan PM expressed his conviction that, starting from August 27 at latest, R. Moldova will receive gas from Romania, through the Iasi-Ungheni pipeline, at much better prices that will show it what diversity and energy security means.
Ponta and Leanca were to visit the Romanian section of the Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline later on Tuesday. Accompanying Prime Minister Victor Ponta to Sculeni and throughout the event were Vice Prime Minister Liviu Dragnea and Iasi Mayor Gheorghe Nichita.

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