Romania’s construction work on Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline finalized


Transgaz could take over the operating system.

Romania’s construction work on the Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline has been completed, the under-crossing of the river Prut included, and the operating system will most likely be taken over by Transgaz, Minister Delegate for Energy Razvan Nicolescu stated in Saturday’s Gov’t session. The legal framework which allows Transgaz to operate this pipeline was regulated by the Gov’t Saturday by an emergency ordinance related to the Petrol and Gas Law. “This is the information we received this morning – work has been completed. We will go there on Monday to see for ourselves and then we will discuss the details of the interconnection project with Republic of Moldova representatives , but work on Romania’s side and the under-crossing have been finalized,” the Minister of Energy said.
Referring to the emergency ordinance, Nicolescu started pointing out it would create the legal basis on which Transgaz can soon take over the operating system when he was interrupted by the Prime Minister. “We have the gas pipeline, but not the operating company and before we finish explaining these things, time will have passed. Yes, approved!” PM Victor Ponta said, Mediafax reports.
After the session, the Gov’t issued a press release showing the approved ordinance creates the legal basis for interconnecting pipes between Romania’s natural gas transmission system and the neighbouring’ countries’ systems to be incorporated in the national petrol and natural gas transmission system. If the ordinance had not been adopted, inter-connectors could have become inoperable and gas could not have been provided in crisis situations, the Gov’t notes.
Romania and the Republic of Moldova are working on constructing a gas pipeline between the two countries on the Iasi – Ungheni route, which is aimed at linking the two natural gas transmission systems.