Romania’s MB Telecom wins again top prize at Geneva Inventions Expo

The invention is destined to customs services, airports and airlines.

The Grand Prix of the 41st International Invention Salon of Geneva was granted Friday to the Romanian company MB Telecom for “Roboscan 2M Aeria”, an airplane scanning system. According to a press release, the invention is destined to customs services, airports and airlines.More precisely, Roboscan Aeria is a unique technology in the world, which can X-ray in just minutes the body and wings of an airplane, in order to identify any contraband items or threats hidden aboard, in the technical areas of the plane. As a military application, the scanner can rapidly diagnose the aircraft attacked by machine-gun, with the purpose of rapidly determining whether they can safely continue their flight or need emergency repairs.According to the developer company, the investment in research exceeded EUR 8 M and mobilised the efforts of over 20 specialists in nuclear physics, industrial electronics or software, which worked 4 years to develop the product.

The success of the Romanian invention in Geneva also impressed PM Victor Ponta, who said that “Romanians are intelligent and inventive people, which was confirmed at the International Invention Salon of Geneva, where for the second time the Romanian firm MB Telecom won the Grand Prix, with the ‘Roboscan 2M Aeria’ system. It is a reason of pride for Romania and an award whose winners deserve all praise,” PM Victor Ponta stated.Besides obtaining the Grand Prix in Geneva, the attending Romanian company also won the International Press Award for SRS, a revolutionary system destined to secure ATMs in view of preventing the theft of information stored on bank cards.Worth noting, MB Telecom is the only competitor that reaped the Grand Prix twice in the 41-year history of the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva. The stand of the Romanian company was visited by high military and cross-border security officials from Switzerland, USA, Argentina, Israel, Germany, France, Mexico, Turkey, Libya and other countries interested by this product, which will revolutionise their aviation security.

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