Romania’s postal services, poorly represented in the GDP, compared to EU

The market of postal services in the European Union amounted to approximately EUR 90 bln in 2012 and represented about 1 pc of the Gross Domestic Product of the EU, compared to 0.26 pc in Romania, according to data released by Catalin Marinescu, the president of the Regulatory Authority in Communications (ANCOM), during a seminar. In Romania, at the level of year 2012, the market of postal service reached RON 1.52 bln and accounted for 0.26 pc of the GDP, which topped RON 587.5 bln. He added that express and postal parcel services were on the rise during the last years, driven by the development of national and European electronic commerce. “The express and postal parcel services represent over 50 pc of total postal incomes,” the ANCOM official added. At the other end are letter expeditions, which are on a continuous decline.
“This trend is the effect of the economic climate and of the change that occurred in people’s communication habits. During 2007-2011, the annual decline pace of the demand of postal and letter services was 4.1 pc. In average, in 2011, the number of expeditions per inhabitant at the scale of Eastern Europe ranges at 50, compared to 163 in the EU,” Marinescu mentioned.
In Romania, the value of the market of postal services remained relatively unchanged, at RON 1.52 bln, compared to RON 1.53 bln in 2011, when the respective market had increased by 5.2 pc. According to ANCOM data, the number of postal expeditions reached 523.3 M at the end of 2012, down 0.7 pc against 2011.
Courier services, up EUR 50 M in 2013
The market of courier services, excluding those of Posta Romana, reached an approximate figure of EUR 250 M, up EUR 50 M against 2012, and the growth pace will be maintained this year too, estimates the CEO of Cargus International, Gian Sharp, who attended the event. “The figures do not include Posta Romana. The growth estimated for this year will be driven by the strong advance of online sales by specialised shops, same as in 2013. For example, at Cargus, the share held by courier services generated by the online sales of specialised shops reached 30 pc, compared to 10 pc several years ago, and I anticipate it will advance to 50 pc in 2016,” Sharp mentioned.
In 2013, according to company figures, Cargus posted incomes of EUR 25.7 M, up 20 pc from 2012, following investments in infrastructure and services, and also due to an increasing number of customers.
Another important player in the market of postal services, FAN Courier made public last year a turnover of EUR 62.5 M, up 15 pc against 2012, following the strong advance of online sales.

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