Romania and Peru to conclude strategic partnership

While in a visit to Lima, president Traian Basescu said on Tuesday that the partnership with Peru, set to be sealed next year at the latest, would be Romania’s first such partnership with a South American country.

President Traian Basescu met up with his Peruvian counterpart, Ollanta Moises Humala Tasso, in Lima on Tuesday, during the first visit to Peru of a Romanian president after 1990. During a joint press conference held after the official talks, Basescu said Romania and Peru would conclude a strategic partnership in the near future, on the occasion of his Peruvian counterpart’s visit to Bucharest. ‘I have asked (the president of Peru – a/n) to consider a visit to Bucharest this year or next year, when we could also sign a Romanian-Peruvian strategic partnership that will have to be very thoroughly prepared by our governments in the meanwhile’, Mediafax quotes Basescu as having said. The president stressed out the fact that the partnership – which would be Romania’s first with a country in South America – would concern not just commercial relations, but would also allow ‘a transfer of industrial production know-how’ to Peru, as well as the further development of commercial and industrial relations from Peru with other Latin American states. ‘Romania is a country that has advanced technologies in a number of fields and it is our wish to help Romanian and Peruvian companies engage in joint ventures in Peru, in the framework of a common political decision’, said the president. He also pointed out that such joint ventures could operate in the production of cargo train wagons, passenger train carriages and underground trains. Ollanta Humala, in his turn, said the Peruvian Government intended to start the construction of new underground transport lines. Basescu noted Romania could export to Peru equipment for the production of mini-hydropower stations as well as onshore and offshore oil drilling equipment. ‘Not least, Romania has another capacity – perhaps more exotic for that part of the world – to build cheap wood and prefabricated material houses that it also exports. We can anticipate such a project also in Peru’, the Romanian president further said. According to Basescu, the strategic partnership the EU has with the CELAC countries in Latin America and the Caribbean could bring the two regions to ‘the command deck of the globalisation process’. The president mentioned among the various areas of cooperation with Peru the building of commercial and military ships at the Galati-based Damen shipyard, as well as the export of generic drugs to supply a national health programme implemented by the Government in Lima. ‘As a producer of ships for The Netherlands, Romania already completed a first round of talks with a mission to Peru in 2012 and the contacts continue in view of cooperation in the shipbuilding sector’, President Basescu pointed out. The leader of Peru – a country bordering the Pacific Ocean, said Romania ‘had made considerable progress’ in the field of military technology and confirmed the Lima Government’s interest in engaging in a cooperation arrangement in that department. ‘We have such cooperation agreements in place with a number of countries and we would like to also initiate such relationship with Romania’, said Ollanta Humala. In what regards the interest in the import of generic drugs produced by Romanian pharmaceutical companies, the Peruvian president noted that Romania manufacturers such products at reasonable prices which was in the Peruvian Government’s interest. ‘We are tired of paying massively on excessively expensive drugs’, he said. The host also pointed out that Peru was also interested in Romanian sport expertise, saying he would like to contact Romanian gymnastics coaches. On the other hand, Ollanta Humala said his country’s economy and the Romanian one were ‘complementary’, with a good potential for the export of consumer goods and in the mining or agri-food sectors. ‘Last year we exported goods worth over USD 6 bn to the euro-zone, one of our main trade partners’, the Peruvian president further said.

‘May you win, like myself, the battle with .the system!’

Basescu told Lima mayor After talks with his Peruvian counterpart, President Traian Basescu held a speech at the Lima City Hall where he was seen by Mayor Susana Villaran del Puente, to whom he wished success in the battle with the ‘system’ and in the modernisation of the city as he had succeeded during his term as Mayor of Bucharest (2000 – 2004 a/n). Basescu  told her about his projects for the demolition of illegal street kiosks, modernisation of the historic city centre, the construction of the Basarab flyover and his fight with illegal taxi drivers. ‘You are engaged in a battle with a system, but I wish you to win this battle for Lima residents need a winning mayor. (…) I know what it’s like to be a mayor and a president when you want to change a system and I wish you a lot of success, because all these changes will be for the benefit of the residents of the big city of Lima’, the president said. He thanked Lima mayor who had handed over to him the key to the city.


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