Romania has two women Vice-presidents of the European Parliament


Liberal Party (PNL) MEP Adina Valean and Social-Democratic Party (PSD) MEP Corina Cretu in Strasbourg, on Tuesday, were elected as Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament, according to Agerpres.Valean won in the first round with 394 favourable votes, of the total of 717 MEPs present. She is among the six Vice Presidents – of the total of 14 EP Vice Presidents – who were elected in the first round.Adina Valean on June 25 was designated by the European People’s Party (EPP) Group of the European Parliament, together with other five MEPs, as candidate to the position of EP Vice President.‘It was a vote for Romania and I am honoured by the wide support of the EPP parliamentarians. (…) It is a powerful signal the EPP gives Romanians, to be confident they are appreciated in the European Union. Cooperation inside Romania’s delegation to the EPP is a good signal which we give for a right wing party, united and strong, at home and in Europe,’ Adina Valean said on that occasion. Freshly elected vice-president Valean said Tuesday in Strasbourg that the outcome of these elections proves that her group, the group of the European People’s Party (EPP), is a force to be reckoned with and is appreciated.‘The outcome proves we are a force to be reckoned with and we are appreciated,’ said Valean.In her opinion, the support extended by the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR) to her bid and the bid of Corina Cretu is a normal thing.Valean explained that there was an agreement of the democratic parties to vote Martin Schulz for European Parliament’s president so that in the European institutions the main political groups may be represented and those on an anti-European message may be left without important positions. In her turn Social Democratic Party (PSD) MEP Corina Cretu was elected after a second round of voting Vice President of the European Parliament, by 406 votes of 691 valid votes.‘I would like to thank all the colleagues and all the political groups that have voted for my candidacy for the post of EP Vice President. My candidacy came naturally as a result of the score garnered by the PSD-PC-UNPR alliance in the European Parliament elections, it was not an arranged candidacy, a candidacy that comes after compromises. The fact that we had the highest score of the S&D candidates is our achievement, all of us of the Social Democrat delegation from Romania,’ said Corina Cretu after the vote.She also said that electing Adina Valean (PNL) as an EP Vice President is a gain for Romania, who will be better represented in the structures of the European legislative.‘Until now we had one EP Vice President, Laszlo Tokes, who was proposed by Hungary and supported by Traian Basescu and PDL [Democratic Liberal Party], who now chose to support Ms. Valean, but for Romania it’s very good, because it’s clearly better represented in the EP structures,’ Corina Cretu added.