Romania – highest share of domestic trips for residents

In 2012, EU28 residents made 1.2 billion trips of one night or more. Almost half of these trips (48 percent) were for holidays and leisure, 35 percent for visits to relatives and friends, 13 percent for business and 4 percent for other reasons. These figures come from an online publication, Tourism trips of Europeans, from Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. The highest shares of trips of EU residents within their country (domestic trips) were observed in Romania (95 percent), Spain and Greece (both 92 percent), Portugal (90 percent) and France (89 percent). On the other hand, the largest proportions of trips abroad (outbound trips) were registered by residents of Luxembourg (97 percent), Belgium (78 percent), Malta (60 percent) and Slovenia (55 percent). The average length of stay varied from more than seven nights for residents of Greece (7.5 nights), Cyprus (7.2) and Belgium (7.1) to less than four nights for residents of Latvia (3.1), Finland (3.4), Denmark (3.6) and Hungary (3.7). The average trip length was 5.2 nights.
The same Eurostat data reveal that in all EU28 Member States, the top destination of outbound trips made by residents in 2012 was a neighbouring or nearby country, except for residents of Romania (Italy was the top destination) and the United Kingdom (Spain). Among the top three outbound destinations of trips, Spain was among the top three for residents of eleven Member States, Germany of ten Member States, Italy of nine, France of eight, the United Kingdom of seven and Croatia of four.
Cars were the main means of transport for trips in 2012 for all Member States except for Malta, with the highest shares for residents of Slovenia (84 percent of all trips), Portugal (80 percent), Spain (78 percent), the Czech Republic (75 percent), France (73 percent) and Hungary (71 percent). For buses, the largest shares were registered for residents of Romania (38 percent), Bulgaria (23 percent) and Estonia (21 percent), and for water transport Malta (43 percent), Greece (14 percent) and Estonia (13 percent).

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