Romania, legitimate terror attack target, says radical Islamist leader

FM Titus Corlatean says Romania is loyal US and NATO ally, ‘with everything that those risks entail’.

Radical sheik Omar Bakri, who has claimed the Burgas bomb attack, says in an interview published by Bulgarian newspaper ‘24 Chasa’, quoted by, that Romania and Bulgaria are legitimate targets of attacks, as they are ‘Islamic land’ and because they fight in Afghanistan. ‘Once the Islam enters a land, that land becomes Islamic and the Muslim have the duty to liberate it some day. Spain, for example, is Islamic land, and so is Eastern Europe: Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia… However, because of its troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as because of its military cooperation with Israel, Bulgaria is also a legitimate target. We believe attacks may take place at the heart of Bulgaria. The same is also possible in Romania and in other countries. It depends on local tactic and strategies,’ said Omar Bakri. Foreign Affairs Ministry representatives say Romania is assuming all the military commitments in which it is engaged and that may disturb certain Islamic leaders. ‘We all know what Romania is and what a welcoming – first of all Christian – territory it is. I don’t think I need to comment on statements that are far from realities. Anyway, Romania has assumed certain projects of a strategic nature such as the ballistic missile defence in a much broader effort going beyond its bilateral relations of strategic partnership with the USA, but also a contribution to the future of the Alliance. We have assumed these projects, we are loyal US and NATO allies, with everything that these risks mean,’ said FM Titus Corlatean, quoted by Mediafax. Corlatean added that the institutions of the Romanian state had fully done their duty, monitoring what was to be deterred, discouraging or punishing what was to discourage or punish. ‘Anyway, we are not changing this attitude and these commitments of the Romanian state in any way. We are consistent,’ the foreign affairs minister further noted.



  1. Ricardo says:

    who is this man for God sake?!!!why this propaganda on islam these days?!!this idiot is extremist radicalist who doesn’t represent muslims… not even 1% of them.

  2. Sparky says:

    Just another extremist the the USA will have to take of. This is getting old.

  3. nad says:

    What foolish and reckless statements.

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