Romania, more risky for business than Bulgaria and Hungary


Romania is more risky for business than states such as Bulgaria, Hungary, China, Chile or Malaysia, ranking 26th among 43 emergent countries ranked by Bloomberg from the least safe, which is Venezuela to the safest which is Taiwan, reports Mediafax. The most risky countries for business are Venezuela, Nigeria, Egypt, Pakistan and Argentina. Among the European states, Ukraine is the most risky, on the sixth place, followed by Russia on 11th, Turkey on 15th, Croatia on 22nd, Romania on 26th, Bulgaria on 29th, Hungary on 30th, Slovakia on 32nd, Slovenia on 35th, Latvia on 36th, the Czech Republic on 38th and Lithuania on 39th. The top five safest countries are Taiwan on 43rd, Qatar on 42nd, the UAE on 41st, Chile on 40th and Lithuania on 39th. In the Bloomberg rankings, the states with a higher degree of risk are Thailand on 24th and Peru on 25th while the next positions are held by China on 27th and Saudi Arabia on 28th, countries deemed safer than Romania.