Romania stands in solidarity with Israeli people over recent tragedies


Victor Ponta participated yesterday in Jerusalem at a Romanian-Israeli joint government meeting (Government-to-Government – G2G), headed by his counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu.

Romanian Prime Minister expressed full solidarity with the Israeli people, following the alleged kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers by the Hamas Islamist militant group.
‘(…) I can assure you, Mr. Prime Minister and your people that the Romanians, the Europeans value life, human rights, the safety of the future generations, and I cannot tell you that we fully understand the dangerous context in which you live and the tragedies you are facing, but we stand in solidarity with you and we believe that such tragedies should not be accepted,’ the Romanian PM said, quoted by Agerpres, in a joint press statement with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu.
Ponta also voiced his pride on the fact that Romania is not represented in the European Parliament by any anti-Semitic or extremist party. ‘Unfortunately, I cannot say the same when it comes to other European nations,’ the Premier said. On his part, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his regret for the tragedy of the three missing teenagers and accused Hamas of fighting against ‘civilization and Israel.’
‘I learnt last night that lead of Hamas praised the kidnapping of three innocent Israeli teenagers, on their way back from school, which shows the fact that Hamas is still engaged in fighting against civilization, stability of the world and especially of Israel,’ said Netanyahu; he also asked Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas to put an end to every agreement with the Hamas group.
Romania, Israel sign environmental protection agreement
Also yesterday, the Israeli and Romanian governments signed an Agreement on Cooperation in Environmental Protection and Nature Conservation. The document, was signed by Romania’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Atilla Korodi, and the Israeli Minister of Environment Protection, Amir Peretz, and is stipulated meetings and bilateral consultations will be held on topics related to the global process of negotiation in the environmental field and promotion of international projects. A Joint Declaration was also signed at the Romanian-Israeli inter-governmental meeting between the Minister of Communications from Israel, Gilad Erdan, and the Minister for Information Society from Romania, Razvan Cotovelea, on cooperation in the field of information technology and communications.
Also, Romania and Israel will collaborate for developing some Romanian production capacities in the aeronautics and defence industry, having also identified possibilities to develop some common projects in energy, chemistry, petro-chemistry, logistics, infrastructure and IT, the Romanian Economy Ministry (ME) announced.
Protocol on Romanian workers’ recruitment for constructions in Israel
On the other hand, Labour, Family, Social Protection and Elder Persons Minister Rovana Plumb and Israeli Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar signed a protocol on the recruitment of Romanian workers for temporary works in the construction field in Israel. The document stipulates provisions referring to the rights and obligations of Romanian workers who are going to work in Israel in the construction field, in accordance with the Romanian and the Israeli legislation. The provisions are aimed at the workers’ selection through the National Employment Agency, the obligations of the two sides, the Romanian workers’ rights, the return of the workers to Romania, the visa granting procedures, the avoidance of the double taxation or the communication modalities among the authorities in charge.
Minister Rovana Plumb and Israeli Minister for Elder Persons Uri Orbach singed a joint declaration of the two ministries referring to the cooperation concerning the policy and opinion exchange on the promotion of some inter-generation projects, the use of elder persons’ potential in the society benefit, as well as the promotion of social inclusion and the actual participation of elder person in society.