Romania trying to build east-west highway for the past half century

The first section of the highway that will cross the country from east to west was finalized on the Bucharest-Pitesti route in 1972, and until now Romania has built 530 of the 850 kilometers of the high-speed highway that will link Nadlac and Constanta. In other words, the construction rhythm in over 40 years has been less than 13 kilometers per year according to calculations made by ‘Ziarul Financiar.’ This east-west highway will be ready only 9-10 years from now according to the government’s data.
The Nadlac-Constanta highway that goes through Sibiu and Pitesti is currently completed in proportion of two thirds, so that approximately 530 of the highway’s 850 kilometers are open to traffic although 42 years have passed since the opening of the first section. The total cost of this highway is approximately EUR 5.5 bln, the sum including the value of the highway sections but also of the beltways of the main cities it goes through, according to the ‘ZF’ calculations that take into consideration a cost of EUR 1.7 bln for the Sibiu-Pitesti highway, based on the latest statements made by Infrastructure Projects Minister Dan Sova. Thus, this highway’s average cost of construction stands at EUR 6.5 M per kilometer.
At the same time, although the European Union agrees that Romania’s priority is the construction of an east-west highway through Sibiu and Pitesti, the government presented a different option last year, namely the construction of such a high-speed highway that would cross Sibiu and Brasov, at the expense of the Sibiu-Pitesti route. A continuous highway from Nadlac in western Romania to Constanta in eastern Romania, a highway that will go through Sibiu and Brasov, would be ready in 2018, while one that would go through Sibiu and Pitesti would be ready in 2023, according to the government’s latest plans.
While Romania still has a lot of highway sections dotted between Nadlac and Constanta that will not be finished sooner than 2-3 years from now, Hungary is getting ready to complete this year a highway that would link its western border with Austria to its eastern border with Romania. The Hungarians currently still have to complete only a 23-km section between Mako locality and the border with Romania. The highway between Hungary’s western and eastern borders will have a length of 386 km according to the information provided by the Hungarian company that handles the development of national infrastructure (Nemzeti Infrastruktura Fejleszto).

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