Romanian authorities condemn violent attack on young Romanian in France

PM Ponta: Harsh punishment is required. FM Corlatean, displeased that Romanian embassy has been informed by media, not by French authorities.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta says that harsh punishment is required for acts like the June 13 attack against a young Romanian, brutally beaten by several person in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, north of Paris. Ponta mentioned on Tuesday evening the discussion he had earlier in the day with his French counterpart, who confirmed the condemnation of such acts by top French officials. The French embassy in Bucharest highlighted on Tuesday the reaction of French President Francois Hollande and of Prime Minister Manuel Valls, who denounced the violence and asked the competent authorities to identify and indict the perpetrators.

The Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Titus Corlatean also voiced his outrage; he added that he was displeased by the fact that the Romanian embassy has been informed by media, not by French authorities about the attack on the young Romanian.

The head of the diplomacy mentioned that the lynching of a 16 year old Romanian in France represents “an abominable thing” and, if he broke the law, “there are isntitutions and there is a law that must be enforced in France.” The minister of Foreign Affairs accused the fact that Romanians “are used in the internal battle in some states of Western Europe, in European elections” and appealed to the authorities of Western Europe to stop “these racist reactions.”

“(…) There were and are serious parties in Western Europe and politicians that used this populist, xenophobic, racist policy, the time has come to draw a line (…). The freedom of movement no longer suits us and then we reject it,” Corlatean said in a phone statement to Realitatea TV, Tuesday evening. Wednesday, the head of the Romanian diplomacy returned to the subject, reiterating that there is a very serious suspicion that the acts of violence against citizens from Central and Eastern Europe, Romanians included, have an explanation that results from the xenophobic and populist political rhetoric. He added that he saluted “the statements at the highest political level in Paris,” but expects “concrete actions and the punishing of the criminals.”

Previously, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) requested the French authorities to clarify as soon as possible the circumstances of the June 13, 2014 events at Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, reported by the media. Moreover, MFA expects the French authorities to take all necessary measures to identify and bring to justice the persons having committed those atrocities against an underage citizen presumed to be of Romanian origin. ‘The Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers as unspeakable the action a victim of which was the minor aggressed in the French locality Pierrefitte-sur-Seine. Such an act has absolutely no justification whatsoever. The Romanian authorities appreciate the public stand-takings at the highest level of the French authorities (president, prime minister, minister of interior), on this case. At the same time, MAE notices, with the utmost concern, that such unqualifiable acts, of extreme violence, the victims of which are European citizens, Romanians included, are to a certain extent a result also of the public manifestation of xenophobic and often racist attitudes, which are increasingly present in the approaches of certain politicians in the European space’, reads a Foreign Ministry press release.

The Romanian 16-year-old boy from a Roma camp is in coma in a hospital in Paris, after 12 people beat him on suspicions of housebreaking. France Presse also quoted the prosecutor in charge of the case, Sylvie Moisson, who asserted, ‘It was a savage act, a mob justice act attributable to several individuals. The motive was personal revenge.’



Romani CRISS to Hollande: French politicians encourage the violence against ethnic Roma


Romani CRISS and other NGOs wrote the president of France, Francois Hollande that the politicians and representatives of the French state encourage the violence toward the ethnic Roma, after the lynching of a Romanian teenager of Roma origin in a commune near Paris, Monday evening.

“In February, Romani CRISS explicitly warned you that the danger of violence targeted at the Roma population on French soil is real, and the policy of the French state with this regard represents a catalyst for this violent behavior. At that moment, we urged you to take a firm, clear stance against these actions and revise the policies of the French state, often aimed against the Roma,” the organisation writes at the beginning of the open letter addressed to Hollande. Romani CRISS also informs the French president that, although its letter was formally sent in February 2014, he has provided no answer until now.


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