Romanian envoy to Berlin ‘outraged’ by attitudes toward Romanians

With regard to recent statements made by German officials expressing prudence toward the afflux of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants, Lazar Comanescu, Romanian ambassador to Berlin, stated for Huffington Post Deutschland that he is “outraged” by notions such as ‘migration of poverty’ and ‘cheating’ being used in Germany to refer to all Romanians who come to work in this country. “I am outraged by the fact that notions such as ‘poverty’ and ‘cheating’ are being used loosely. (…) Especially given that 90 per cent of Romanians who live here bring a significant contribution to Germany’s growth. There are 3,000 doctors who work in the Federal Republic. Imagine what would happen if they suddenly were not here anymore,” Comanescu said.
In his opinion, current debates can only “lead to confusion and question the fundamental principles of the European Union – freedom and cooperation.”
Commenting on CSU’s slogan – “Those who cheat are out!” which refers to the abuse of welfare benefits – the Romanian diplomat underlined that people who make use of such practices should pay. “Those who cheat should be punished, whether they are rich or poor. I agree. But such cases are very rare among Romanians in Germany,” he said. “Since 2007, Romanians have been free to choose where in the EU they wish to live. Those who wanted to come to Germany for economic reasons are here already,” the former Foreign Affairs Minister added.
Moreover, the Romanian ambassador voiced empathy to the Bavarian Conservatives’ desire to improve chances at the upcoming local and MEP elections. He went on to name the economic crisis as a further reason for recent discussion over this matter. “History has taught us that where there are crises, such debates will ensue; but wisdom always wins in the end,” Comanescu concluded.
Elmar Brok, Chairman of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Commission and CDU member, recently stated that immigrants who come to Germany for benefits alone should be sent to their native countries immediately.
In turn, Andreas Scheuer, Secretary General for the Christian Social Union, stated in an interview for Die Welt that qualified workers are welcome to his country, but considering that 46 percent of the Romanians and Bulgarians who have come to Germany since 2007 have no professional training, Berlin is not obliged to import other people’s problems
MEP Corina Cretu asks support to sanction Elmar Brok
Romanian MEP Corina Cretu (Social-Democratic Party, PSD) asked the Group of Socialists and Democrats of the European Parliament to support the proposal of Romania’s Delegation to sanction German MEP Elmar Brok, member of the European People’s Party (EPP), for his statements on fingerprinting Eastern-European immigrants, informs a PSD press office release quoted by Agerpres.
‘We cannot accept under any circumstance Mr Brok’s statements,’ said Corina Cretu, Vice Chairperson of the Socialist Group of the European Parliament, in an intervention within the S&D Group Bureau meeting.
‘It is a proposal belonging to an era and to a mentality we thought were long obsolete. Such ideas undermine the essence of the European construction itself and they are so much more damaging as they come from a representative of the largest political group in the current structure of the European Parliament: the EPP Group,’ Corina Cretu said, who believes ‘it is impossible for a person who has such ideas concerning immigrants to be a credible voice of the European Union and to represent, from the highest position, the Foreign Relations Committee. That is why I demand the resignation of Mr Elmar Brok for his offensive statements!’ Corina Cretu said.
In turn, Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister Titus Corlatean characterized yesterday the statement made by German MEP Elmar Brok about fingerprinting Romanians and Bulgarians as completely uninspired and unacceptable, and he urged European politicians to refrain from making such comments in their public speeches.
“That section of the statement which referred to the need for Romanians and Bulgarians to be fingerprinted was very unfortunate, as it not only implies discrimination against European citizens, but it also violates principles or fundamental values of the EU. I am only referring to that part of Mr. Brok’s speech,” the diplomatic leader underlined, when asked by reporters at a conference launching the Greek Presidency of the EU.
Grigorios Vassiloconstandakis, Greek ambassador to Bucharest, did not wish to comment on the EPP member of the European Parliament.

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    no wonder the health service in romania is so bad if the country allows 3000 doctors to leave. you need to look inward as to the reasons or romania will have no professional workers left and only the people who remain in romania will suffer

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