Romanian Language Institute facilitates opening four new Romanian Language lecturer’s offices abroad


The network of Romanian Language lecturer’s offices is expanding in academic year 2017-2018 to include in four foreign universities, according to the Ministry of National Education (MEN).

They will be located at the Vatican Pontifical Oriental Institute, the University of Ankara (Turkey), the Azerbaijan University of Philology and the University of Vilnius (Lithuania).

Thus, the number of Romanian Language lecturer’s offices has reached 53 in 33 countries in Europe, Asia and North America, MEN says.

The emergence of the four new lecturer’s offices was possible under interinstitutional protocols signed by the Romanian Language Institute (ILR) and the higher education organisations mentioned above. In order to secure the offices’ teaching staff, ILR has held selection competitions.

Negotiations of similar protocols are currently underway with the University of Alcala (Spain) and the University of Udine (Italy), according to MEN.