Romanian Patriarchy: Church disapproves political confrontation for religious reasons


The Romanian Patriarchy calls on the representatives of the political class in Romania to avoid political confrontation during the electoral debates for the November presidential elections, mentioning that according to the Romanian law, the religious creeds are factors of social peace (Law no. 489/2006, art. 7, para. 1), and not reasons for quarrel between the citizens, Agerpres informs.

According to a release the Press Office of the Romanian Patriarchy sent Agerpres on Monday, unjust and unworthy comments about the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR) and unfounded opinions about an alleged involvement of the Church in the electoral disputes have been made lately during the political debates held in the mass-media for the Nov. 2014 presidential elections.

‘BOR cooperates with the central and local public authorities for fulfilling the common good in society and has civilized relations with all political parties, but remains neutral in political terms in accordance with the decisions of the Holy Synod based on the canons of the universal Orthodoxy. Regardless of the political doctrine, ethnic origin, faith or religious beliefs of the candidates running in the elections, the Romanian Orthodox clergy is not allowed to carry out political activities within its communities of believers. Any political activity of the Orthodox clergy is contrary to the decisions of the Holy Synod and disapproved by believers,’ the source says