Romanian PM deems Turkish Marmaray tunnel an historical achievement

Late Tuesday, at the inauguration of Marmaray (Istanbul) underwater tunnel, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said the connection between Europe and Asia achieved by building a new “Silk Route” and creating a railway linking London to Asia is, indeed, “an historical achievement.” “I believe great projects can only be carried out by great peoples and leaders,” Ponta said according to a press release posted on the government’s website. He congratulated his Turkish counterpart, Recep Erdogan, for committing to this project: “In my opinion, by linking Europe to Asia, you are involved in an important project for both continents, and you will once again be the center of this New World that brings the two continents together. You could not have chosen a better inauguration day than the National Day of Turkey.”
At a joint press conference held together with Prime Minister Erdogan, Ponta reiterated the relations between the two countries are proof of “an entirely special kind of partnership.” “A strategic partnership, a political partnership (…), a military partnership as members of NATO, and a very important economic partnership,” the PM stated as he recalled his visit to Ankara one month and a half ago. “In this respect, the economic projects the two administrations have discussed and will keep discussing involve relations in the energy, transport and agriculture sector, as well as other areas of economic growth,” the Prime Minister pointed out. Moreover, Ponta once more expressed Romania’s support of Turkey’s accession to the EU. “Our common history, with both its positive and negative aspects, shows even more clearly that the present and future of Romania and Turkey means friendship, collaboration and joint growth. I would like to reiterate that Romania sees a special friend and partner in Turkey,” Ponta continued, mentioning that a memorial plaque was also unveiled yesterday in honor of Constantin Brancoveanu, Prince of Wallachia.
On the other hand, Erdogan told that the relations of Turkey with Romania in the strategic partnership and the NATO stayed excellent in various fields such as politics, economy, culture, defense and energy and emphasized the fact that the target of the Ankara Government to increase the volume of trade exchanges between the two states to 10 billion dollars stayed unchanged.
Ponta – Abe meeting
After taking part in the inauguration ceremony for the Marmaray underwater tunnel, Victor Ponta met with Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan. According to a press release, the two prime ministers remarked the high level of bilateral cooperation and agreed to revitalize the bilateral economic agenda. Thus, the Romanian Executive presented the business opportunities resulting from Romania’s geographical location to the Japanese Prime Minister. Furthermore, Ponta thanked the Japanese government for its decision to extend Visa Waiver by another 3 years and highlighted the good cooperation in internal affairs matters. The two prime ministers also discussed ways to enhance cooperation between the EU and Japan, especially by concluding the free trade agreement currently under negotiation, the cited source notes.

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