Romanian postal service stages European promotion roadshow


The Romanian Postal Service will begin a European promotion tour at the end of August or early in September, to continue talks with potential investors, general manager Alexandru Petrescu said in an interview to Agerpres. ‘We have also planned a roadshow, a promotion tour in Europe, and we look at European financial centres – perhaps London, perhaps Frankfurt – to continue our talks with potential investors. It will happen sometime at the end of August or early in September. I think that the Romanian Postal Service is one of the most attracting financial opportunities of privatization right now on the European mail and courier market, because it has some unique elements. Let’s not forget that the Romanian Postal Service is the national administrator of one of the largest – the second – central and east European countries,’ he mentioned. As regards the conversion of the company’s historical debts into shares, Petrescu asserted that the European authorities have approved this step for the time when privatization ‘reaches an irreversibility path.’ The Romanian Postal Service’s historical debts to the state budget that might be converted into shares amount to 242.5 million lei.